Why is the closet door deformed

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Why is the closet door deformed

wood flooring has always been the most concerned and troubled category of decorative materials. For this reason, information times? Home special edition will launch a special column of "flooring class" every Friday from this issue, which aims to introduce the common sense of wood flooring selection and use, solve the doubts in the process of wood flooring use, transmit the latest wood flooring promotion information, accept complaints about wood flooring services, and make it a good teacher, mentor and communication bridge for readers to use wood flooring

lesson 1: know wood species

wood flooring brings natural flavor to home. The solid wood floor is completely from natural wood, and the surface of composite floor is also natural wood fragments. Two winged beans, brazed jade pistils, oak, borneol fragrance, rich wood, clematis, racing shoes pigeonpea... The names of wood species on the market are diverse, and the colorful Gamba beans, natural and fresh pears, romantic petty bourgeois white ivory, and rich red sandalwood are the preferred wood species of Guangzhou consumers. Here are some introductions:

teak of the uncrowned king

Guangzhou people prefer solid wood flooring and teak. Teak is definitely the "uncrowned king" of decoration wood. This kind of high-grade wood species, mainly produced in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, South America and other places, is popular for its hard wood, with an average price of 500-550 yuan/square meter. Indonesian teak is obvious in strength and toughness, but its elasticity and shrinkage are poor; Myanmar teak is excellent in the above aspects, and the timber produced by "wacheng" is the best

colorful Gamba beans

Gamba beans are varieties with more color numbers in wood. Due to the rich origin, the quality is also uneven. Gamba bean is a cost-effective and affordable board. At present, the discount price of Guangzhou mainstream solid wood flooring brands is about 180 yuan/square meter

due to the colorful flowers of Gamba beans, you must pay attention to choosing the same color system when purchasing. During construction, pay special attention to that the joint between floors is not easy to be too loose, and it is best to use crystal floor paint or semi Matt floor paint

natural and fresh rosewood

rosewood in the floor is quite different from that in furniture. Huali, whose scientific name is "big fruit sandalwood", is produced in South America. Because its pattern is mountain shaped, it will form a beautiful continuous mountain pattern when laid in a hall of 40~60 square meters, so it is used more in the hall. The wood of rosewood itself is relatively stable and not easy to dry and crack. The market price is 500-550 yuan/square meter

white ivory of romantic petty bourgeoisie

white symbolizes purity and style. The scientific name "Ba Fuyun" white ivory is one of the few light white wood species in the market, with delicate patterns, simple veins, yellow with white, and good overall and single feeling. The price is 280-350 yuan/square meter. White elephant ivory produced in South America has better self-regulation than Rutin in the space with large internal and external temperature difference, and has better dryness and cracking than rutin. Its hardness is slightly tender than rutin. It should be said that white ivory is relatively stable in all aspects

red sandalwood with pressing wealth

red sandalwood is noble just by its name. In fact, red sandalwood with the scientific name "ant wood" is also a kind of wood favored by noble people. This kind of wood produced in East Indonesia Peninsula and Malaysia has bright red color for newcomers, purple color for the elderly, solid and fine texture, heavy when entering the water, and shiny and beautiful lines. It should be noted that the maintenance of red sandalwood after laying is very important, and it is not allowed to be directly exposed to strong sunlight, dragged by sharp objects, scratched, etc. The market price of red sandalwood is about 400 yuan/square meter





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