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Parents want to give their children a warm and comfortable growth space. Similarly, we hope all children can grow up healthily. I believe some parents have also experienced the process of decorating children's rooms. Here we have collected some experience and shared it with you. The most basic point is that the decoration of children's room needs to avoid environmental pollution and consider the safety of children

there are several points to pay attention to in the prevention of pollution in children's room. It is best not to hit the floor, not to lay carpets, and not to make ceilings; Using pure environmental protection standard coatings, such as 3a aibabe pure environmental protection wall paint, the advantages of high efficiency, clean taste, solvent-free and APEO free make this wall paint a hot favorite in the children's room decoration market; Pay attention to the ventilation of the children's room. In order to ensure safe ventilation, windows with upward rotating ventilation devices should be installed. Rooms with poor ventilation should be installed with ventilation devices. Ventilation should be carried out once a day in the morning and evening, with ventilation of more than half an hour each time; At the same time, attention should be paid to prevent formaldehyde pollution of children's articles and clothes, such as curtains in the room, newly bought clothes, fabric furniture, toys, etc

if you want to make the children's room more quality and create a colorful and healthy world for children, you can start with color. There are differences between men and women in color selection. It is best to choose cyan furniture in boys' rooms, including blue, cyan, cyan, cyan, etc., and soft red furniture in girls' rooms, such as pink, Fuchsia, red, orange, etc. Yellow is common for men and women. In addition to the color of furniture, the wall color should match the furniture. You can choose environmentally friendly latex paint and wallpaper

at present, the color coating design literature in children's room space mainly includes “ Beautiful children's dreams ” Solution, as “ Top ten Chinese paint brands ” The green elites on the list, and “ Chinese famous trademark ”, This solution has become the best choice. According to incomplete statistics, tens of thousands of families have adopted the three color design schemes of pink princess, sea blue Prince and kiss green

there are also different designs for children of different ages. Children aged 3-6 years old are suggested to choose more colors and patterns, but don't make too much publicity. For teenagers aged 7-12, the key to environmental design lies in the establishment of a scholarly atmosphere and private space. Children at this stage should pay close attention to learning on the one hand, and make friends on the other hand. They call for independence, desire to be understood, and may like to participate in the design of their own rooms. Therefore, for children at this age, on the premise of ensuring safety, health and rationality, Parents can try to seek the advice of their children

the decoration furniture of children's room should not be too full. Enough space for children to play should be reserved. Attention should be paid to simplicity, liveliness, abstraction and childlike innocence, so as to create a good learning environment for children. The height of the desktop must be appropriate to avoid myopia in children. The bed selected for the child should not be too soft. Because the child is in the development stage, the limbs and spine have not been developed yet, and the bed is too soft, it is easy to cause the deformation of the child's spine

furniture must be environmentally friendly to avoid stunting children. The color of children's furniture is very important. For example, green may arouse children's yearning for nature, and red will stimulate children's enthusiasm; Blue is a dreamy color, etc. You can choose according to the child's personality. For example, active children can choose blue and white, and introverted children can choose warm colors such as red and bright yellow. Of course, it should be coordinated with the colors of walls, curtain fabrics and so on

the decoration floor of the children's room is also very important. Naturally, the floor has become the place they contact most. No matter what seats you provide for children, they still like to climb and lie on the floor. The floor is their most free space. The floor material in the children's room should have a warm touch and be able to meet the needs of children from infants to adolescents. First of all, the floor of the children's room must be made of materials that are easy to clean, and there must be no uneven patterns and seams, because small things falling into the seams may pose a potential threat to the children's safety. At the same time, the concave and convex patterns are easy to mix with the children who have just learned to walk, so it is important to keep the floor smooth and flat

some people don't like the floor that is too hard and too cold. If you want to lay a carpet on the floor, you should fix it around to prevent the carpet from sliding on the floor. The cork floor is soft but not slippery, which is very suitable for children's rooms




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