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Now people are not only eating to fill their stomachs, but also paying attention to improving the quality of family life. The supporting dining tables and chairs, tableware with harmonious colors, elegant colors and exquisite decorations will give people a fresh and comfortable feeling, and can also set off the color of dishes, which is conducive to improving appetite. Here are three matching schemes of dining tables and chairs with different home decoration styles:

first, noble modern style

1. Shape: glass desktop with leather seats, the combination of organic and inorganic, soft and hard, is the embodiment of comparative art. The cold quality of glass, with the delicate texture of leather to warm; The defect of leather in the shaping of edges and corners is made up by the straightness of glass. The smoothness of glass and the unique luster of leather show noble temperament. The contrast between the wooden curved table body and the hard and straight metal chair legs makes the whole set of table chairs not too heavy

2. Material and color: in the gloss of the glass desktop, flexible light spots jump freely, just like the shading of the desktop. The dining chair adopts a single dark brown to set off the unique warm texture of leather. When the tabletop was just about to appear in plain white, it was pressed by the gorgeous silver on the edge. This collocation was also to highlight the contrast

3. Embellishment: or metal or bone china tableware is as shiny as leather, noble and calm. Adding a little light colored decorations can activate the dining atmosphere and make the finishing point

II. Three dimensional simple style

1. Modeling: the dining table is the protagonist. It is like a model of spatial composition. It skillfully uses lines and surfaces to bring the fun of three-dimensional composition into the dining space. A mirror is decorated on the side of the dining table to avoid the heavy bottom of the dining table. Compared with the ingenious design of the dining table, the dining chair dutifully plays a foil role with its simple shape

2. Material and color: the use of mirror and metal on different surfaces of the dining table vividly reflects the interweaving of this three-dimensional space. Although a variety of materials are used, each material is pure, but it appears simple. The packed dining chair not only increases the comfort of the chair, but also pulls the dining chair back to reality from the illusion of artistic composition, injecting the breath of life

3. Embellishment: using the characteristics of mirror reflection to change the color and texture of the surrounding environment can indirectly change the personality of the dining table. The tableware with soft color and luster can make this over rational dining table a lot warmer

III. warm and elegant style

1. Modeling: the frame of dining table and dining chair is made of the same material. Whether it's a table or a seat, when it appears alone, it looks like a work of art, and when combined, it forms a warm dining space

2. Material and color: when the light hits the dark desktop, it will form mottled highlights, showing the warm luster of wood color. The simple shape also makes the shadow have no obvious edge transition, and the light and dark tones naturally penetrate each other. The warm nature of the material and the natural color of the wood make the light refract each other between the desktop and the armrest of the chair, which is an integral whole. Therefore, although it is monochromatic, it does not appear monotonous

3. Embellishment: pure white, modern bone china dishes or court style porcelain tableware decorated with gold plating, used with this dining table and dining chair, it is harmonious and performs well





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