Frequent market chaos, door and window enterprises

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For ordinary people, door and window products are the first protection of family safety, and the number of purchases will not be many, so the quality of door and window products is the most concerned about by consumers when purchasing products. However, some illegal businesses in the market are disrupting the market

I. frequent market chaos

in recent years, the door and window market has not reassured consumers. If the doors and windows in various places fail to pass the sampling inspection, I don't know when it will stop. Although the standards of the door and window industry are becoming more and more standardized, this situation can't be stopped, and some criminals produce fake and inferior products, which seriously disrupt the market order

in recent years, new standards for the door and window industry have been issued one after another, and some standards for new door and window products have also emerged. These undoubtedly put a "hoop curse" on door and window enterprises, and many enterprises have already updated their technologies and products with the update of standards. However, although the country and consumers increasingly value the quality of doors and windows, there are still some unqualified door and window products on the market that are still selling well with price advantages

second, long-term development depends on products

stealing trademarks to confuse the real with the fake, confusing grades with inferior ones, evading detection, ignoring standard illegal production, stealing beams and columns for huge profits and other market chaos, which makes consumers defenseless and regular production enterprises headache. According to a door and window dealer, most of the cheaper door and window products on the market now come from small workshops. Be careful with products whose prices are lower than those in regular stores. Many of them are OEM products, and generally the quality of products is not up to standard

fake and inferior products are flooding the door and window market, hindering the development of the industry, casting a shadow on "made in China" and confusing consumers. Door and window enterprises want to develop for a long time, only by making quality products, can they gain the trust of consumers and gain a foothold in the market development. In addition, both inside and outside the industry should also unite enterprises to rectify the door and window market with the help of the force of law. Return a clean space to the market





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