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On September 25th, 2012, the first fine decoration Real Estate Forum in Wuhan, China, ended grandly at the Westin Wanda Wuchang Hotel on the picturesque South Bank of the Yangtze River. The organizer of this forum is Wuhan Association of real estate development enterprises. The specially invited units are truking traffic radio fm92.7, Hubei private car radio fm107.8, the sponsor is Shengxiang group, and the specially invited guests are Professor Yin Yuejian, a famous real estate expert, Mr. liguozheng, deputy director of the central China branch of China Index Research Institute, as well as Vanke, Jindi, China Resources Land, poly, Landsea and other real estate leaders, who gathered with a host of mainstream media in Hubei Province, Jointly discuss the hot topic of "how to do a good job in fine decoration"

data show that 60% of property buyers in Beijing, Shanghai and other places are interested in buying hardbound houses, which have been accepted by more and more consumers. Especially after the macro-control of real estate in 2011, fine decoration has become one of the best selling points of real estate developers in order to increase the selling points of real estate, pursue sales profits and stabilize the phased sales price difference; On the other hand, due to the increasingly tight pace of life, reducing the waiting time for check-in and decoration troubles, hardbound houses have become a common demand of owners

Mr. Zeng Xin, vice president of Shengxiang group (Figure)

in the survey of satisfaction with fine decoration housing at the end of 2011, basic satisfaction accounted for 57.10%, satisfaction accounted for 14.30%, and the overall recognition level exceeded 70%. On the one hand, it reflects the good quality control level of fine decoration real estate enterprises. At the same time, 30% also reflects some problems existing in fine decoration real estate from another side. The problems mainly appear in two aspects: one is the construction standards of decoration service providers, and the other is the product quality of material suppliers

Mr. mazhenliang, general manager of Shengxiang Group Wuhan company (Figure)

this forum, centered on the hot topic of "how to do a good job in fine decoration", came from Vanke, Rongke, poly, and Mr. liguozheng, deputy director of central China branch of China Index Research Institute. He expounded the current situation and trend of fine decoration real estate and the standards of fine decoration industry to everyone in a discussion way, and agreed that at present, real estate developers, fine decoration service providers Material suppliers have been integrated into one. Only when all three parties can provide good services and products in good faith, the owner's satisfaction will be improved. It seems that to do a good job in hardcover, we must first choose big brands. Only big brands and reassuring brands can have the strength to provide high-quality products and ensure perfect pre-sales and after-sales services; On the other hand, big brands can also add points to the refined decoration of real estate enterprises and improve the gold content of real estate

during the owner interaction, some owners mentioned some problems. Two owners expressed their concerns about the floor problem of hardbound houses. In the face of consumers' ambiguous attitude towards the fine decoration, real estate representatives led by Jindi, China Resources, Landsea and Yuexiu further discussed how to choose the floor of high-end hardbound houses

what criteria should be referred to in the selection of flooring? Several real estate professionals explained a basic view to you: stability is paramount! First of all, it is the choice of brands. Different brands have different influence and grade positioning. Professional, elegant and time-honored big brands can add a lot of points to the real estate market; Secondly, product quality and service are the king, and the good reputation of big brands is the guarantee of stability; Moreover, the choice of products is very important. The traditional single solid wood is easy to deform and warp, and cannot be suitable for floor heating. Therefore, the traditional solid wood floor cannot meet the needs of hardcover. Laminate flooring can be selected for buildings with ordinary grade positioning; The medium and high-end hardbound buildings can choose multi-storey solid wood floors; For buildings with more high-end positioning, three layers of solid wood floors are optional

as the sponsor of this forum, Mr. Zeng Xin, vice president of Shengxiang group, made a keynote speech. It explains to you how Shengxiang flooring, as a leading brand of domestic flooring and a major supplier of hardbound real estate flooring, cooperates with the transformation of hardbound real estate from "supply chain" to "win-win chain". At the same time, Mr. Zeng Xin reported to you the current situation of the cooperation between Shengxiang group, as the leading brand of wood flooring, and major domestic real estate enterprises (Vanke, Wanda, Jindi, Rongke, Evergrande, Landsea, oceanwide, etc.), and pointed out through a large number of examples that the new solid wood flooring with high environmental protection, high stability and novel decoration style is still the first choice for high-end hardbound projects





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