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What kind of magic power does qiteli have that makes Mr. Zhang so bold? Let's see what he said

Mr. Zhang, who lives in Chongqing, opened a hotel in September. He wanted his hotel to have a "avant-garde look". For this reason, he went to 3 or 4 decorative material markets, and there was no brand that could agree with his ideas. When he was confused, he met qiteri, and then he decided to sign a decoration agreement. After that, he was very pleased to see that the room was decorated healthy, beautiful and environmentally friendly. He himself decisively became the dealer of qiteli, and qiteli also led him to the success of his career. What kind of magic power does seven Terri have that makes him so bold? Let's see what Mr. Zhang said

one step ahead of the independent trend: the pioneer of seamless wallcovering

first met qiteli, which should be moved by his love. Since 2016, qiteli will donate money to help students every year, and subsidize 33 poor students in Yiliu Town, Jingxian County, Hebei Province every year until the children graduate from university. With the help of qiteli company, some have been admitted to university. I believe that such a caring enterprise will not make defective products. I learned through various channels that Beijing qiteli decorative materials Co., Ltd. is a growing company integrating professional research and development, processing, production, sales and construction of "qiteli" brand seamless wall cloth. The company's products are original and new processes, using high-quality and high-end raw materials, and jointly developed with relevant scientific research institutions. It has made many improvements and improvements to the traditional processes and production processes, as well as the material formula of each process, Finally, we have successfully developed the "qiteli" brand seamless wall cloth. Its products have outstanding characteristics such as ultra-high width, no seams, special environmental protection, tensile and wear resistance, silencing and sound absorption, breathable and moisture-proof, easy to stick and durable, and have won the bronze medal of "green environmental protection building materials for Olympic projects" issued by the China building materials certification center and the certificate of "green environmental protection products" issued by the national testing center, The certificate of "recommended use of green environmental protection products" granted by the association of experts and scholars of China Decoration Association. It has also won many honorary cities, such as the medal and certificate of "famous Chinese brand" and the medal and certificate of "3.15 consumer trustworthy unit", with a very broad market prospect

qiteli is also the first person to put forward the concept of seamless wallcovering, the creator of seamless wallcovering terms, and the first market pioneer. It developed seamless wallcovering in 2008 and won the first national patent in 2009. Qiteli seamless wallcovering has not only been loved by the majority of consumers, but also used in diaoyutaistateguesthouse and people's conference center guesthouse. At present, qiteli has developed five series of more than 1000 products and completed more than 100 national decoration projects. Qiteli seamless wall fabric has a service life of about 20 years, and the material utilization rate is very high. These are well documented

speak for "seamless wallcovering" with high quality

qiteli has always paid great attention to brand construction. In fact, it is easy to open the brand's popularity. With money to advertise everywhere, it will soon become known to everyone, but it is not easy to truly establish a good brand image, which needs strength to prove. Qiteli has always attached great importance to the research and development of products, as well as the innovation of pattern design, process and packaging. It also pays attention to production and supply, and pays attention to service and quality while delivering goods in time. They have national patents, research and development teams, and each category has a special design team, such as a team specializing in embroidery, a team specializing in plain color, according to various processes, materials Styles are designed and developed by different teams, and there are special personnel responsible for management and control. In addition, there are their own factories, which have formed a complete set of strict inspection systems to ensure the pass rate of ex factory products, and have also done many national key projects. These are not words on paper, but practical and practical actions in progress and maintenance. Qiteli has been moving forward steadily, not from high to low, so its image to dealers is a stable and trustworthy brand. In the process of creation, qiteli has always been imitated and never been surpassed. Its unique process color matching can't be imitated by ordinary enterprises. Even if it is simply imitated, it can only imitate its surface, not its essence. In terms of environmental protection, it is the first Chinese herbal medicine glutinous rice paste. This paste is extracted from grain and added with Chinese herbal medicine, which reduces mosquitoes and improves the effect of environmental protection. This idea was quickly accepted by the market. And achieved good public praise

at this year's China integrity Entrepreneurs Conference, the "qiteli" brand won two conference honors, and Mr. Ma Chaojun, chairman of the board, won the honor of "integrity China Charity ambassador". These honors are not only a full affirmation of President Ma's contributions to promoting the development of the seamless wallcovering industry over the years, as well as his contributions to the integrity of the enterprise and the society, but also a full affirmation of qiteli's brand strength and industry influence

qiteli has developed to today, with more than 600 stores across the country. In the face of such a large group, qiteli has been orderly. Forge ahead, constantly hold dealer training conferences, explain brand knowledge, teach everyone the advantages of qiteli products and how to deal with customers' sales ideas, and follow the opinions of dealers to formulate online and offline sales policies. All efforts are to get the recognition of customers, and win the good reputation of customers with a good product and good service! This is why I joined qiteli. I believe that a solid brand, a conscientious brand, will win the trust of consumers. If you also trust qiteri, then join us quickly! I look forward to working with you on the road of development

author/Huang Minshan

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