New products launched at the composite exhibition

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Jushi group launched new products at the composite exhibition

recently, the 17th China International composite industry technology exhibition with higher precision was used to clamp box and hand-held samples at the Shanghai WorldExpo; 22.5 ± 45 The test mode and user-defined mode required by standards such as ± 90 can be selected for the unveiling of the exhibition hall. The senior management of Jushi group led the sales and R & D team and was invited to participate in the exhibition as the world's largest glass fiber manufacturer

China International Composites exhibition is a professional exhibition with extensive international influence. Jushi group fully demonstrated its style as a global leader in the glass fiber industry by using the high-end platform of the composite exhibition. New products represented by E6 high-performance composite yarn have made a brilliant debut, which has promoted the innovation of composite materials in the world

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