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On April 22, guokongcheng, chairman of Hong Kong Kerry Group, visited Nanning, during which he visited Lu Bing, chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is reported that guokongcheng made a special trip to Yong to cut the ribbon for the commencement of the three new production lines of Nanning Coca Cola bottling plant

guokongcheng said that Kerry Group's investment in Guangxi began in December, 1993. At present, there are Nanning Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., Fangchenggang edible oil processing plant (golden dragon fish), Beihai Shangri La Hotel, Guilin Shangri La Hotel and other investment projects under negotiation in Guangxi

according to liuzhantu, general manager of Nanning Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. (a senior executive from Hong Kong), Nanning Coca Cola bottling plant covers an area of 95 mu, with a total investment of 90million yuan. There are three carbonated beverage production lines that have reached the international advanced level. The annual production capacity is 120000 tons, equivalent to 30million TEUs. The sales performance in 2005 is expected to reach 250 million yuan

it is understood that Kerry Group has invested more than 5billion US dollars in China. Today, the development of Kerry Group in Hong Kong can be described as "at the peak of the sun". In the world, it has more than 50 Shangri La hotels; In Southeast Asia, it has a considerable number of sugarcane and palm oil plantations, sugar factories and edible oil processing plants, and is the most important sugar trader in the world today; In China, it has 20 Shangri La hotels, 11 Coca Cola bottling plants, 14 edible oil processing plants (golden dragon fish), Beijing International Trade Center, Beijing logistics center and other investment projects

guokongcheng expressed satisfaction with Guangxi's investment environment and preferential investment policies. He believed that Guangxi has a broad development prospect and highly praised Nanning for its rapid urban construction and economic development in recent years. The Guilin domestic tourism fair gave him the opportunity to see that Nanning and Guilin still lack high-end hotels. He said: "this is a good business opportunity!"


Kerry Group was founded in 1974 under the leadership of Mr. guohenian, the "world sugar king". At present, the group has developed diversified investment businesses in Hong Kong and China. The group's businesses are divided into hotel industry, real estate, industrial manufacturing, media and scientific and technological information industry. Since the mid-1980s, it has invested in 20 Shangri La hotels, 11 Coca Cola bottling plants, 14 vegetable oil processing plants, and real estate including office buildings and apartments

Hong Kong Kerry Group, the parent company of Kerry Beverage Co., Ltd., was founded in Hong Kong by guohenian in 1974. Over the past three decades, the business has been developing continuously and has now become a diversified group. Its business scope includes hotels, real estate, grain, retail, sugarcane, shipping, media, etc. Kerry Group is one of the largest sugar traders in the world. Its chairman, guohenian, has the title of "king of Damascus sugar". Its hotel business spread all over the world in may2014, with more than 45 hotels, including Shangri La Hotel, business chain hotel, etc

Kerry Beverage Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company formed by Kerry Group and Coca Cola company. It was registered in cork islands in 1993 and franchised Coca Cola bottling plant in Chinese Mainland to produce, package and sell Coca Cola series brand beverages

since 1990, when Kerry grain and oil invested in Nanhai oil industry company, the first oil production plant, Kerry grain and oil has successively established four major grain and oil production bases in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin and Qingdao, as well as more than a dozen production and processing sites in Fangcheng, Chengdu, Xi'an and Yingkou, building a huge grain, oil and food production and processing system

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