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Sany body cab sword liute new product ceremony on January 8, FAW Jiefang liute held the 2015 business conference and new product launch ceremony. During the ceremony, five new models led by the "golden continent" dump truck drove slowly down the hillside. "Golden continent" is the key product recommended by liute company in 2015, which matches the cb318 cab of Sany body (Hunan Zhongcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.). At the business conference, madonghui, President of Sany automobile body Research Institute, as the supplier representative, made the theme report of "striving together to create brilliance" and won the "Contribution Award for new product development of suppliers" from FAW liute

adjust the product structure, and the two companies married

at the beginning of 2014, the group required all internal cooperation companies to actively explore the external market and deal with market competition. Under the leadership of general manager xuyafei, the body company carries out marketing planning, carries out domestic customer visits and determines key cooperative manufacturers according to the company's product characteristics

FAW liute is one of the four vehicle production bases of FAW Jiefang company, with the production capacity of medium and heavy trucks. The engine, transmission, axle and other assemblies are recognized in the market, but the cab is old, with poor sealing and comfort. Therefore, the upgrading of the cab is particularly important

Sany body is a professional R & D and manufacturing enterprise for the cab of medium and high-end engineering vehicles. Cb318 cab has been successfully used on the lake steam mixer. The product quality and reliability have been verified by the market

in April, 2014, Zhangchunlin, general manager of FAW liute, came to the body company to inspect the company's product production line and manufacturing process, and highly recognized the appearance, comfort and product quality of the cab. Liute, as the strategic layout of FAW Jiefang in the Northwest market and Southeast Asia export market, is also full of confidence in cooperating with it. Since then, the two sides have married and established the "golden continent" dump truck project team to determine the development plan and progress

face up to the challenge and launch a new face of the product

it is understood that as the "face" of the equipment, the cab needs to be certified and declared by the vehicle and fuel announcement, and the development cycle is relatively long. When formulating the development plan, the project team adopts the back-up mechanism according to the product launch time to minimize the controllable design, but the most important thing is that it must withstand the most stringent mechanical performance requirements

at the early stage of design, the project team faced a challenge in matching the cab with the chassis: lack of drawings and relevant inputs. The cab floor space cannot be checked due to the lack of engine outline, the cab installation and fixation cannot be arranged due to the lack of frame data, and the cab harness cannot be designed without the vehicle control schematic diagram

"to meet the technical requirements for environmental labeling product certification, the water-based coating HBC 12 ⑵ 002 should sincerely cooperate with customers if you want to export; if you want to succeed, you must support each other." Madonghui proposed that if the customer could not provide input, he would conduct surveying and mapping by himself, "we are a team and a whole". Later, the project manager Li Peng led the members of the project team to the liute production site to measure the key interface dimensions and chassis data by themselves, and draw a three-dimensional digital model for layout. The preliminary general layout was completed according to the nodes. We shared some functions, uses and operations of the hydraulic pressure testing machine

finally, the whole project was successfully completed. In May, the number was counted to select the appropriate experimental machine to match. In August, the announcement sample car was made, and in December, the small batch mass production was realized

at present, the "golden continent" dump truck has been successfully matched with Sany cb318 cab, a total of 27 models, and all vehicle announcements have been issued, 6 respectively × 4 dump trucks 8 and 8 × 4. 19 types of dump trucks. In 2014, sales of several cabs were completed. It made its debut at the 2015 FAW Jiefang business annual meeting, and received the attention of the industry, and was evaluated as "FAW liudejin continental face changing battle". Just after the annual meeting, customer orders poured in

closely cooperate to launch more new products

"our R & D personnel will always arrive at liute site at the first time. In the subsequent prototype trial production, they will work at the loading site day and night, record problems and formulate rectification plans." Madonghui said that it was this proactive spirit that enabled Sany body to win the liute "supplier Contribution Award for new product development". In the future, the two sides will continue to maintain close cooperation and carry out comprehensive cooperation

according to madonghui, Sany body will do a good job in the quality control, logistics and service of the "golden continent" cab that has been successfully developed to ensure the achievement of the annual goals. At the same time, accelerate the joint development of liute mine tunnel car cab project. In addition, it will also give full play to the advantageous resources of FAW Group and sany group to explore the development of dump trucks and other products for international export

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