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"Ant" small and broad - BYD's new forklift may once again explode the market

looking at the Chinese forklift market in the first half of 2019, the overall sales volume is slightly lower than in the past, among which the adverse factors are the poor overall economic situation of the domestic market caused by the Sino US trade war, and the turbulence in the transition of industrial vehicle purchase under the requirements of environmental protection. However, AGV, small truck and other products still performed well, continuing the momentum in the statistics of China Industrial vehicle branch in 2018

on May 18, 2019, BYD forklift released a number of its 2019 new products in Ningbo, including blue ant, blue ant mini, station driven pallet car p20ps, and walking pallet car p20jw. Blue ant and blue ant Mini have attracted much attention since their release

the "ant" group attacked and the war resumed, with a year-on-year increase of 6.8%; In the domestic market, there are a few manufacturing enterprises in the field of small-sized transporters, which are in full swing. Every "vassal" has the heart of unifying the troubled times and monopolizing the Central Plains. After several rounds of reshuffle, the brand division has become clear and the market as a whole has become stable. The two small transporter blue ant series released by BYD forklift this time, blue ant and blue ant mini, once again demonstrated BYD's strong R & D strength, but also revealed the signal that it will lay out the field of small transporters in the future

as a BYD forklift that always adheres to the electric new energy as the core of its products, its service experience accumulated over the years in many industries has ensured that the two small-sized transporters, at the beginning of their research and development, are based on the concept of solving the deepest needs of customers, and at the same time, support its unique technical advantages in the field of new energy. The product of the combination of strong and powerful will bring a new wind to the field of small trucks in the future, and I believe it will also arouse a new round of fighting

the on-site sales volume in one hour exceeded 15000 sets, and the sales volume exceeded 220million. Or the Yulian energy group and China Construction Bank, industrial and commercial bank and other financial institutions formed a community of destiny. Xu also revealed that hy (1) 0080 microcomputer controlled electronic universal material testing machine is suitable for stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, load maintaining, and Through the static mechanical performance test, analysis and research, BYD forklift pries the vast land, which is worthy of expectation

the "ants" in the future come from the accompanying

blue ant and blue ant mini, which can achieve such proud results within one hour after their release, which has really made a solid start for the two small trucks. Perhaps BYD forklift has already predicted, but it still surprises the market

it is reported that before the launch of blue ant and blue ant Mini products, BYD forklift carefully selected a group of technical backbones and elite talents to form a research and development team, which specially conducted a variety of research and data analysis on the working conditions of small-sized transporters. After more than a year of polishing, BYD forklift finally turned it from a drawing into a lightweight and flexible blue ant series products

this series is especially aimed at the internal density rather than width of the warehouse. The warehouse channel can enhance the difficult turning and turning pain points caused by the narrow development of the industry, and solve the user's troubles. Its 685mm body width and 1360mm turning radius are enough to cope with various extreme working conditions; The body width of the mini550mm and the super long shelf of 1560mm of the blue ant stand out from the rest of the crowd, and make it possible to find new solutions for the handling of freight cars, containers and other containers

especially at the moment when large logistics is increasingly valued and developed, the launch of blue ant series will fully meet the handling needs in different environments and make handling easier and more comfortable. Just as the theme of BYD forklift new product launch said: "meet the future, go with you freely." In the future, maybe it is really being transported to the present by blue ants

the blue ant series released by BYD forklift this time, what must be mentioned is its core - lithium new energy and related accessories. Considering its petite size, BYD forklift is equipped with lithium batteries and portable chargers of various specifications to ensure its daily use. In addition, BYD forklift adopts battery pack support technology, which can complete the battery replacement in only 10 seconds, so that users can more flexibly control the use mode and use time of the vehicle

in addition, BYD forklift has added a lot of safety protection measures to the blue ant series. It provides limit level protection in terms of charging capacity, charging voltage, charging time and other aspects to avoid adverse effects caused by human error operation. It also has a charging fault reminder function to let users know the vehicle problems in time and repair and replace them as soon as possible. These auxiliary functions are not only to make the use safer, but also a means for BYD forklift to save operating costs for enterprises. It is reported that the above functions can greatly extend the service life of the battery, and the cost will naturally drop

with the joint efforts of BYD forklifts and dealers, the blue ant series has spread and covered the whole industry at an extremely fast speed, setting off a blue "ant tribe" storm. Compared with the history that the sales volume of BYD forklifts in 2018 increased by 150% year-on-year, ranking the 8th in the sales volume of forklifts in China, it remains to be seen what miracle BYD forklifts will create in 2019

however, it is certain that 2019, when the "ant" small truck wins a larger market, is destined to be an extraordinary year for BYD forklift and even the entire handling industry

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