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Hongge technology's new products have been on the market: lp

although Zhonghua has been on the stage for less than two years, industrial control and industrial control information Hongge technology's new products have been on the market: lp-9221, lp-9421 and lp-9821linux based pac


lp-9x2x is a new generation of Linux PAC controller, which combines computing i/o and provides the best PAC solution of man-machine interface, data acquisition and independent control. It is equipped with a cortex-a8 (1.0 GHz) CPU and various connection interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet, USB port, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. I/o expansion interface provides us with Ethernet i/O module and RS-485 I/O module. The design works in the ambient temperature range of -25 C ~ 75 C. The product itself has no fan design and no moving parts, providing more extreme reliability

expansion i/o and communication expansion board

lp-9x2x provides 2 slots 1 Metal material implementing machine 4-Slot and 8-slot platforms are used to install slots for expansion modules

these i/o slots can support parallel bus (i-9k Series) and serial bus (i-97k Series) i/o modules. These modules can be used to realize various I/O functions, such as Di, do, a/D, D/A, timer/counter, various communication interfaces, counter input, frequency input, PWM output, motion control, storage, communication: rs-232/422/485, etc

i-9k i-97k:

multiple communication interfaces

lp-9x2x there are several types of extended i/o communication interfaces for communicating with the extended equipment

1 Ethernet

2. Rs-232/485


ocortex-a8 is internally equipped with motor and electrical accessories 1.0 GHz cpu

olinux kernel

o multi slot module expansion capability (2 slots, 4 slots, 8 slots)

o memory: SDRAM (512 MB)

flash (512 MB)

the top 3 3D printing start-ups in China landed in Zibo with SD card (support up to 32 GB)

ovga port x 1, USB 2.0 port x 2, Serial port (rs-232/rs-485) x 4

o support 64 bit product serial number

o dual watchdog timer

o dual network port (10/100m/1g)

o power backup input

o robust structure and reliable design

o operating temperature: -25 to +75 c

for more information about lp-9x2x products, please refer to

about Hongge technology

icp Das was established in 1993, Founded by Mr. chenruiyu, a senior R & D Engineer of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute, it has been focusing on the R & D of automation hardware and software products. At present, it has established a complete industrial automation solution and perfect after-sales service

Hongge technology's product line includes analog i/o, switching i/o, counter/frequency, motion control and other boards based on PC bus; Distributed i/o modules (m-7000, fr-2000, et-6000, i-87k and other series); Micro programmable automatic controller - PAC (i-7188/7186) series; Universal programmable automation controller -ipac-8000 series; Programmable automation controller based on windows ce/linux WINPAC and linpac series; Signal conditioning module sg-3000 series, etc. At the same time, Hongge technology has been selling the American configuration software indusoft for more than ten years, and became the general agent of indusoft in Greater China in 2013

Hongge technology is headquartered in Hsinchu Industrial Zone, Taiwan. Its global branches are located in Los Angeles, Stuttgart and Shanghai. The R & D centers are located in Taipei Hsintien, Taipei Banqiao, Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung. With more than 100 R & D engineers, Hongge technology is currently the largest R & D investment company in the same industry in Taiwan

Hongge Technology China branch Shanghai jinhongge was established in 2003 and is located in Jing'an District, Shanghai. It has offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Nanjing and Harbin to provide Chinese users with market operation, customer service, maintenance, technical support, product training, logistics distribution, etc

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