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In order to expand sales in the peak season of beverages, beverage companies in Japan not only continue to explore and expand the market potential of their original products, but also actively develop new products suitable for market demand to obtain greater market share

Yamauchi pharmaceutical company and Quannong direct selling company have launched "healthy and balanced" drinks. Among them, the "healthy balanced yogurt flavor" beverage contains 100mg calcium and 50 mg per bottle. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery mg. The new beverage adopts yoghurt flavor with deep health image. It mainly targets women aged 20 to 30. An effective treatment method in the convenience store can not only ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit, but also effectively regulate the energy consumption and refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration system and sell through direct sales channels. Each bottle is 120ml and the price is 100 yen

the newly listed "assahi vegetable" drinks of assahi beverage company include yellow green vegetable drinks such as carrot, tender stem flower and willow vegetable, and two light vegetable drinks such as cabbage and lettuce. In addition, there are three fruit drinks such as apple, lemon and banana and their mixed juice drinks. These new fruit and vegetable drinks with health functions are rich in vitamins B, C, e, iron, potassium and so on. According to the analysis of some experts, the market of vegetable juice and fruit and vegetable juice beverage is growing year by year

dankraftike company has developed and produced a health drink named "lower abdomen satisfaction" with bean curd residue as the main raw material. Tofu dregs are rich in dietary fiber, plant sterols, linoleic acid, soybean phospholipids, isoflavones and vitamin E. The product with yogurt flavor eliminates the peculiar smell of tofu residue and is suitable for public consumption. This is a kind of drink with high nutritional value and low calories, which is improving with the improvement of people's living standards

Suntory listed the new green tea beverage "dark green". With the booming sales of green tea drinks in the market in recent years, "dark green" has maintained the inherent shape of PET bottled drinks. It is not only a high-grade tea drink rich in jade dew, deep steaming and frying tea, tea bags, bud tea and other flavors, but also uses low-temperature extraction methods to minimize the loss of taste and flavor; At the same time, Matcha was added to make the beverage have the astringent taste of green tea. The new green tea drink has been consumed by adult men

the cool beverage water - "konjak and aloe slimming" developed and produced by Baojiu distillery Co., Ltd. is beneficial to beauty and health care. It contains konjak, aloe, lemon juice, white grape juice, various vitamins, extract of Gymnema sylvestris (a plant originated in India that inhibits sugar absorption) and extract of "galsiyahan baoqiya" with outstanding slimming effect. Among them, it is known that the main effective component of Gymnema sylvestris in the interview, Gymnema sylvestris acid, has a significant effect on inhibiting sugar absorption. The calorific value of each 100ml drink is controlled at 19 kcal. The taste is moderate and can moisturize the throat

the "healthy fruit group" produced by Karpis company is a kind of health and nutritional functional beverage with oxidation and vitamin supplement, which is composed of grapefruit, peach, plum and West India strawberry. The beverage contains 65ml of VBS required to maintain skin and mucous membrane health, 100ml of VCs with antioxidant effect and to maintain healthy skin, and 5mg of ve5mg to prevent lipid oxidation in the body. According to the demand of market consumers for heat control, the combination of four kinds of fruit juice not only controls the calorific value, but also is suitable for drinking

Meiji dairy company developed and produced two kinds of dietary fiber and β- Carotene vegetable juice series products. In recent years, the market of vegetable juice, fruit juice and their mixed juice has grown rapidly. One of the company's products is a fruit and vegetable juice beverage prepared from 55% vegetable juice and 45% fruit juice, in which 1.6g dietary fiber and 50mgvc are added to every 100ml of juice, and 1.5mg is added to 100ml of beverage juice β- Carotene, 50mgvc, in order to reduce vegetable flavor and help β- Carotene absorption, in addition to adding 5% fermented milk

assahi beverage company has recently launched three kinds of health drinks added with beer yeast: fruit and vegetable juice drinks + beer yeast; Beer yeast + lactic acid bacteria; Beer yeast + malt extract. The first is the addition of beer yeast rich in B vitamins and other nutrients to the beverage to enhance the nutritional components of the beverage. In addition, the new beverage of carrot fruit and vegetable mixed juice fermented by lactic acid bacteria is added. The second is a novel milk beverage with yoghurt flavor and dietary fiber and beer yeast added to the fermented milk beverage, and calcium and beer yeast added to the malt extract rich in vitamins and minerals. The third drink has cocoa flavor. These three new beverage products are not simply the so-called functional drinks for weight loss, but new drinks that can achieve nutritional supplement and health care functions

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