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New anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft procedures for packaging and label printing recently, Agfa launched the latest advanced program secuseal1.0 to prevent piracy and illegal copying of design, packaging, labels and other printed materials

secuseal1.0 is a plug-in program used in adobeillustrator and other standard design software. By using this plug-in program, designers can add security elements to any printing design and provide customers with stronger confidentiality measures

customers are often very concerned about the packaging and label safety of luxury goods, drugs, official documents, identity documents and other trademark products

in response to these needs of customers, Agfa's secuseal program has re built an independent and stable solution based on the existing secure printing technology. Adobeillustratoh Data backup: the test data can be saved in any hard disk partition R and PDF file generation process, and all work processes are continuous without gaps, ensuring the high security of the design. Koenheyndrickx, manager of security printing products of Agfa, said

secuseal's security module can create complex backgrounds or convert images into complex design route tabular maps. There are four modules in this plug-in. Each module has a special security solution that can be used in printing design. The security level of the design can be set by the designer according to different projects, and the security plug-in program provides password protection for only transparent or black designers

heyndrickx added that the secuseal security solution is easy to operate and can be installed and used quickly. So that designers, printers and product managers can fully protect the value of their designed products and be in a favorable position in the market competition

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