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Editor's note: factors such as printing quality, cost, application scope and national policies make traditional printing enterprises at a loss in front of digital printing: up or down? After all, we have seen from drupa 2008 that the era of digital printing has arrived, but the management process of digital printing is essentially different from traditional printing. Traditional printing concepts, market environment, process management and other isolated solutions are difficult to make digital printing popular in traditional printing enterprises

however, we have to say that the success of today's enterprises basically depends on whether their key businesses can meet the goals of business development in a constantly changing environment, and these changes are rapidly pushing the theme of digital printing to the forefront of printing

guests in this issue:

Li Peng: Indigo business development manager of China HP printing imaging and consumer market group

Cheng Kangying: Chairman of Beijing Baochi Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Bai Qi: Deputy General Manager of Beijing Qiliang Hyde Printing Co., Ltd.

process of digital printing press

Wan Jie, chairman of Yachang enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd., has discussed the future development trend of the printing industry and the mode of innovative enterprises, His original Yachang mode of traditional printing + IT technology + culture and art provides a reference for the independent innovation of Chinese enterprises

with the widespread use of modern high-tech digital technology in the printing industry, large international printing enterprises, such as Japanese letterpress, Donnelly, Bertelsmann, Quebec and other famous printing enterprises, have positioned themselves in the information industry and fully supported the dissemination and exchange of digital information in the IT era. By making full use of traditional resources and technologies, creating a number of value-added services and new economic growth points, not only printing enterprises, but also many small and medium-sized enterprises in the world are also transforming their business models through digitalization

Author: how do you view the market scale, development and changes of digital printing machines in traditional printing enterprises

Li Peng: realistically speaking, China's traditional printing enterprises have just begun to recognize the real digital printing, which is directly related to the non-standard management of digital printing in China in the past to a large extent. Many of our customers are traditional printing enterprises. Before they came into contact with HP indigo, their understanding of digital printing machine is laser printing, and the quality and requirements of laser printing are far from offset printing, which makes people have more and more misunderstandings about the concept of digital printing, so they have not been well promoted for many years

Bai Qi: at present, the application of digital printing machines in traditional printing enterprises is not very wide, and the number is not large. Qilianhaide has just used the digital printing press, and it only plays a role of assistance or supplement. At present, we are more experimenting and trying to find new expansion points. The current application situation cannot be described as particularly successful. Even so, we always believe that digital printing is a general direction, which is beyond doubt. For new things, enterprises need to show enough courage to try. Qilianhaide should not only develop in traditional printing, but also introduce digital printing into our production to provide customers with more diverse businesses

Cheng Kangying: as a supplement and improvement to traditional printing, digital printing is a value-added project for traditional printing enterprises. In foreign countries, variable data printing is widely used and plays a great role in sales. More and more industry and enterprise users choose digital printing. Therefore, it is widely used in the fields of printing statements, customer catalogs, enterprise albums, business printing and small books and periodicals. In the future, this personalized model will be introduced to China. At that time, we can see newspapers with our own names. This is an example of personalized printing

Author: the application of digital printing in China is different from that in foreign countries. What basic characteristics do you think digital printing must have to develop in China

Li Peng: the general environment and general trend are the basic characteristics of the wide promotion of digital printing

digital printing has many applications abroad, such as on-demand printing, online publishing (such as Amazon, etc.) and personalized book printing, as well as short edition, ultra short edition, supplement and personalized live parts, which can be realized by digital printing. But now China has just realized this, and the General Administration of publishing has also begun to promote it. I think large-scale cognition and development will soon come

Bai Qi: what is the biggest difference between us and foreign countries? Foreign countries can afford to buy machines and people, but we can't afford people and machines. The reason why the cost gap of digital printing at home and abroad is so large is that all their processes, including binding, have been industrialized and automated. At present, the post binding of domestic digital printing is still basically in the manual stage. The development of these supporting links is similar and mature to the Russian feelings for Putin, and has become an indispensable factor for the popularization of digital printing. Cheng Kangying: with the increasing number of social and commercial activities and the improvement of people's living standards and consumption levels, when personalized printing has become a necessity for people, such as express orders, prize invoices, funds and telecom bills, the market demand is strong enough, and there is a demand for variable printing everywhere, the advantages of digital printing will be valued by people. Now, more and more customers of Baochi hope to have value-added services to make their business have new growth points. It can be said that the huge market potential and attractive investment output ratio of personalized digital printing cannot be ignored. Baochi is mainly optimistic about the application of digital in the field of industrial printing, such as bills and labels

Author: what is the difference between the widely existing Digital Express Printing stores in China and what we call digital printing? What are the advantages of traditional printing enterprises in digital printing

Li Peng: in terms of investment philosophy, the investment of fast printing stores should not be large. Except for chain stores, the investment amount of a single store should not be millions. In theory, high-end digital printing machines should not exist in fast printing stores. However, there is an abnormal psychological state in the domestic fast printing industry, which is the combination of price and equipment. Digital printing is a kind of printing rather than printing. It should become one of the core competitiveness of enterprises. From this point of view, traditional printing enterprises are really ideal users of high-end digital printing equipment, and digital printing should not only be a supplement to traditional printing enterprises, but also look for new profit growth points from various digital applications

for the planning of traditional printing enterprises, it is more appropriate to use an ancient Chinese saying: I have no one, I have my talent, and I turn my talent. Take digital printing for example: when you can't provide short and fast services, I can. When you can, my service, quality and efficiency are better than you. But when you improve all this, I have developed new services and applications, and my enterprise will always be the leader. Traditional printing enterprises have rich experience in printing, which is beyond the reach of Express Printing stores. The key is how to effectively combine and carry forward the original traditional resources and new digital resources

Bai Qi: the positioning of domestic Express Printing stores is inaccurate, which is a little different. A real express shop should provide services such as document printing, translation and information that do not require high printing quality, just like the federal kinkao. Live parts requiring high printing quality should be taken to the printing factory. Although qilianhaide has won the recognition of the market in terms of printing quality, we have always hoped to provide customers with more and more perfect services, and it is very appropriate to start with digital printing

the real version of the digital role

the application of digital printing can break the bondage that short edition can only be printed on the offset press, make it easier for users to print on demand, and make the delivery of printing plants simpler and more convenient. The tonnage of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machines can't be very small

on drupa 2008, we saw the shock brought by digital printing machines. The technical idea of digital printing is flexible and open, representing the future trend. But customers will ask at least two practical questions: first, cost, how to solve the problem of higher offset printing cost? Second, the awareness of customers. How long is the market cultivation period and return period

Author: what is the biggest difficulty encountered in the process of promoting or using digital printing

Li Peng: in our contact with customers, our deepest experience is that although customers have realized that hpindigo printing quality is comparable to offset printing, and it is a digital printing machine that they dream of adhering to the principle of new environmental protection, printing costs and how to tap high value-added applications have become the most common problems they face. Especially in some areas where the printing industry is developed, the traditional printing is intermingled with good and bad, and the price war is extremely fierce. How to excavate a sufficiently attractive profit growth point from the digital printing business is the most concerned problem for people in the traditional printing industry to develop and produce electronic wood-based panel testing machines for various physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and decorative man-made panels

Bai Qi: one is the difference between domestic and foreign costs. For the definition of short edition, 1000 copies abroad may be the dividing point between short edition and long edition, while for qilianhaide, 100 copies can be printed on the offset press. Although in theory, 100 copies is more suitable for digital printing machine, in fact, the cost of digital printing is much higher than offset printing

in addition, domestic customers do not know enough about digital printing. They will not take the initiative to ask us to use digital printing machines, because they believe that digital printing cannot meet its quality requirements. Of course, cost is also a factor

I think customers will take the initiative to require digital printing when the cost of digital is reduced

Author: now, many manufacturers and users are discussing the connection between traditional printing and digital printing, but many people don't know how it will be combined. What kind of development trend do you think it will present in the process of integration? How can digital printing be better combined with traditional printing

Li Peng: the printing quality of hpindigo's products is basically no different from that of traditional printing, and even surpasses that of traditional printing in some aspects. We are also selective about users. We will choose our strategic partners from those traditional printing enterprises that have influence and technical level, and are determined to develop the field of digital printing, so as to jointly tap the core competitiveness that indigo has added to these users, For example, qilianhaide, Yachang and Lifeng Accor are our most representative users in Beijing. Together, we are looking for the entry point of digital printing in traditional printing enterprises. Because more printing houses are watching and perceiving how to use digital printing machines in traditional printing enterprises and how to use them well? Therefore, when facing the problem of entry point, HP always believes that digital printing should not be a simple supplement, but should become the core competitiveness of enterprises

Bai Qi: this has something to do with our own business scope. Because digital printing is still in its infancy in China, from August 2007 to now, for nearly a year, in order to accumulate

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