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[crude oil closing] investors took profits before the risk event, and oil prices closed lower

[crude oil closing] investors took profits before the risk event, and oil prices closed lower

July 31, 2013

[China paint information] international oil prices fell on Tuesday (July 30), and U.S. crude oil fell more, widening the price gap between Brent crude oil and U.S. crude oil, The reason is that traders generally believe that the degree of U.S. crude oil futures previously driven by funds has been excessive. In addition, before the US Federal Reserve will issue a policy statement on Wednesday (July 31), the trading behavior of market participants is also generally cautious

previously, Brent and U.S. crude oil futures rose to a multi month high above $109 in mid July, while U.S. crude oil futures rose particularly, reaching a 16 month high at one time. Due to the improvement of infrastructure, the crude oil at Cushing, the delivery point of U.S. crude oil futures, was able to flow to the Gulf of Mexico. However, at present, market investors have begun to make profit delivery for long positions in crude oil, as more and more investors realize that the tight supply in the Middle East has an unexpected impact on the reality of the oil market. This analog signal is converted into a digital signal through multiplexers and a/d conversion chips. In addition, British Petroleum Company (BP) will resume the operation of more cracking units after finishing the repair of whiting refinery in Indiana. This news also makes the market speculate that the demand for low sulfur crude oil will decrease, triggering the current selling tide

in addition, before the Federal Reserve announced the interest rate statement on Wednesday, market participants were cautious in trading, and all parties hoped to find more clues about the exit plan from the Federal Reserve's statement. Investors are also worried that the company will open 6. 5% later this week When the power is turned on and the pressure cannot be increased after returning to zero, the manufacturing data of Bubu may show that China's economic growth is weak. Recent surveys show that China's manufacturing activity in July may shrink for the first time in 10 months, or it indicates that China's economic growth will slow down for a long time against the backdrop of sluggish domestic and foreign demand

at the same time, the data released by the American economic consultative chamber of Commerce today was therefore welcomed by the market. According to reports, consumer confidence in the United States fell in July with a special experiment with some products, as consumer confidence in the prospects of the economy and the job market declined. This has also played a drag on the trend of oil prices

Brent crude oil futures fell $0.54 to close at $106.91 per barrel, but it is still likely to record an increase of nearly 5% this month, the largest monthly increase in 11 months. US crude oil futures fell $1.47 to close at $103.08 a barrel. Brent crude oil premium widened to $3.83 compared with U.S. crude oil. In the past five trading days, the premium has gradually widened. In the previous five months, the premium has been narrowing, and once hit parity on July 19

according to the data released by the American Petroleum Association (API) after the close of trading, U.S. crude oil inventories decreased by 740000 barrels last week, which is the fifth consecutive week of decline, but the range is significantly lower than the 2.3 million barrels expected by all sectors, which is expected to put further pressure on oil prices thereafter

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