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The investor of photovoltaic highway made an exclusive response: take a rational view of the theft of the missing road

according to the voice of China's vertical and horizontal report, on December 28 last year, the world's first photovoltaic test section of the highway was officially opened to traffic in Jinan, and this "black technology" highway instantly became popular, and car owners passing through Jinan also wanted to experience the belt expressway. It is understood that the photovoltaic pavement test section of this expressway is located on the south line of Jinan ring expressway. Qilujiao will carry out necessary cleaning and drying treatment. It is invested by Tongfa development group, with a total length of more than 1000 meters, and is laid on the main carriageway and emergency carriageway. But the highway, which has just been open to traffic for five or six days, was closed again because the road surface was damaged. Is the suspected theft of the road reported true

this photovoltaic pavement looks like a mosaic made of frosted glass, which is gray white. Touching the ground with your hand will cause greater friction. Its thickness is about 3 cm, and its internal structure is like a sandwich: the upper layer is transparent concrete pavement, which can melt ice and snow; The middle layer is a photovoltaic panel that can absorb sunlight for power generation; The bottom layer is insulating layer. According to media reports, after the opening of the photovoltaic highway, the competent departments and technical departments checked every day and declared that "since the opening, the operation has been normal, and there is no abnormality in the photovoltaic pavement." However, the staff found that the road was damaged during the inspection on January 2. Then correlation became a hot spot

the relevant person in charge of Qilu transportation development group told voice of China: "it's not as bad as the upload, it's too strong, only a small lock. It's damaged anyway, but I don't know whether it was stolen or something. We have called the police, and the public security department has carried out an investigation."

the photo of the photovoltaic highway being damaged shows that a "hole" was cut on the site, and a concrete photovoltaic road board on the road was lost. In addition, several photovoltaic road components had been hit hard and suspected of being corroded by liquid. The relevant person in charge of the Shizhong District branch of Jinan Public Security Bureau said that the police had filed a case: "the public security organ attaches great importance to the case, has investigated the scene, filed the case, and organized capable forces to carry out the investigation. The next work is in progress."

but it is preliminarily understood that the relevant damaged roads are not monitored, and the value of this small photovoltaic road is difficult to estimate, because this project carries the purpose of scientific research. According to the analysis of relevant professionals, it is a temporary repair, which has little impact on the traffic. If the transparent concrete friction layer of photovoltaic pavement is replaced in the future, the potential safety hazards are temporarily difficult to estimate

at present, the news that the world's first photovoltaic highway is constantly suspected of being stolen has become a hot spot. Although the relevant companies have reported the case, there are various speculations on the Internet. Some say that it is the technology fans who have destroyed it for research, others say that there may be parts scratched during the driving of ordinary vehicles, and some people speculate that the construction party may deliberately report theft in order to avoid the case, Some people even speculated that the "conspiracy theory" said that there might be spying and stealing technology

here, voice of China reminds the majority of friends to treat it rationally. Every step of the technical reform of universal material testing machine is the result of engineers' continuous accumulation of experience, which needs further investigation and conclusion by the police. However, some people may ask why photovoltaic devices are built on highways that are prone to damage

the developer of this photovoltaic pavement, which is called the world's first expressway, is Zhang Hongchao, a professor at Tongji University. He said that this 1000 meter pavement can generate about 1million degrees of power a year. "In addition to meeting the power demand of these integrated street lights, spray of snow melting agent, traffic monitoring and so on, the remaining power has been incorporated into the national power."

according to experts' calculations, if the outer carriageway and emergency parking area of Shandong's 5700 km expressway are paved with photovoltaic, 15.6 billion kwh of power can be generated a year, equivalent to the power generation of two large power plants, and more than 15 million tons of carbon dioxide can be reduced. However, instead of building photovoltaic facilities in other places, they are built on highways. Xuchunfu, the project investor and chairman of Qilu transportation development group, said that they have reserved information ports and electromagnetic induction coils for wireless charging on the road, They aim at the intelligent "super highway": "first of all, realize the charging of electric vehicles on the way, and realize driverless driving through the interaction of the whole road and vehicles. This is the future traffic mode we imagine, and change people's way of life."

in October last year (2017), voice of China paid attention to it, Zhejiang Province then press the ENT confirmation key (Note: the time of pressing the ENT confirmation key must not be too long. Shaoxing City has built a solar energy test road with the largest load-bearing capacity in the world. At that time, our title for this road full of a sense of the future was, "how far is it from imagination to productivity?"

now, this section of photovoltaic highway in Jinan, Shandong Province has just let "imagination" land and "productivity" At the beginning, he encountered suspected "man-made destruction". Let new energy vehicles charge anytime and anywhere, let the highway no longer worry about being blocked by heavy snow, and let the road turn into a "power station"... Every creation from imagination to reality has never been achieved overnight. In addition to leaving the technical difficulties to scientific researchers, each of us should also guard our public morality and protect every warm imagination

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