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Hengshui high-end polyester paper products project investment

Project Name: expand the annual production capacity of 300000 square meters of high-end polyester paper products project

project content: the project is built on the basis of the original factory, which needs to occupy 2500 square meters of workshop, and the existing idle workshop is 3000 square meters, which can meet the needs of the project. Power supply facilities, heating and ventilation, water supply and drainage and other public facilities, as well as sizing, heat setting and other supporting equipment have been available. This technical transformation is mainly to solve the problem that the supporting equipment such as full diameter and heat setting are often idle due to the small weaving capacity. It is planned to invest 80million yuan to introduce 6 formstar polyester knitting machines made in Sweden

project classification: machinery industry

Enterprise Name: Hebei Anping County paper mill

enterprise overview: Hebei Anping County paper mill, with a registered capital of 3.33 million yuan, the nature of the enterprise is state-owned, and the number of employees is 210. The existing products are polyester molding and polyester dry series. More than 100 rubber vibration damping products have adjustable product elastic parameters and specifications, and are sold to more than 250 large and medium-sized paper enterprises in Nanjing Julong, China, Some of them are sold indirectly to Southeast Asia and have been selling well for more than 10 years. Existing production equipment and technical status: one formstar polyester loom made in Sweden, four tm-100a polyester looms, one tm-200 polyester loom, two TSB automatic sizing machines, three full-automatic heat setting machines made in Norway, and 38 product testing equipment (sets). Over the years, through continuous development and research of new technologies and processes, and in line with international advanced technology, the enterprise has taken the lead in developing a variety of new products in China, such as polyester double-layer molding, polyester two-layer semi molding, multi-layer molding, flat wire drying, etc., and has formulated China's first and sometimes adopted casting structure (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.) department two-layer semi molding, multi-layer molding, flat wire drying enterprise technical standards, forming a complete set of mature The process technology with international advanced level and independent intellectual property rights

region: Hengshui

total investment: 967

investment estimation and cooperation method: the total investment of the project is 80million yuan, of which the fixed asset investment is 72 million yuan (equivalent to foreign exchange of 8.67 million US dollars), accounting for 90% of the total investment. The proposed foreign capital is 4.22 million US dollars; Cooperation mode: cooperation and venture capital

economic benefit analysis: after the project is put into production, the annual output is 300000 square meters/year, based on the existing domestic sales price. Calculated at 600 yuan/square meter, the annual sales revenue can reach 180 million yuan (equivalent to 21.68 million US dollars in foreign exchange), and the net profit can reach 27 million yuan (equivalent to 3.25 million US dollars in foreign exchange). The internal rate of return after income tax is 33%, and the investment payback period is expected to be 2.97 years

source: business window of Anping County, Hengshui City

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