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Yinhe Paper Group paper products deep processing project investment

I Implementation area Shandong Province II The project contents include sage automotive interior parts company, BASF, Faurecia, Johnson Controls, Lear, Dow Chemical, DK leather company and DuPont East (Linqing) Galaxy Paper Group paper products deep processing project

Shandong (Linqing) Galaxy paper group was founded in 1958. It is a large domestic pulp and paper enterprise, 111 key enterprises in Shandong Province and one of the six major paper groups. The registered capital of the group is 160million yuan, and the total assets are 22. The production cost has increased rapidly With 700 million yuan and more than 5200 employees, it is divided into two production areas in the north and South and a self-contained thermal power plant, with an annual output of 560000 tons of machine-made paper and 60000 kW of power generation capacity. The main products are offset printing paper, fine printing writing paper, electrostatic carbon paper, high-strength corrugated base paper and high-end books, etc. From January to August 2005, the sales revenue was 1.19 billion yuan, and the profit and tax was 140 million yuan. The products cover 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Britain, the United States, Cuba, Malaysia, etc

in order to expand the scale of the enterprise and extend the industrial chain, the group has invested in the construction of the galaxy Paper Industrial Park, equipped with standardized workshops, focusing on the development of deep processing of paper products. At present, enterprises such as Hong Kong Watanabe Paper Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jishi paper products Co., Ltd. have moved in. The group will give key support in products, prices, electricity, management and other aspects. Domestic and foreign peers are welcome to join us

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III The total investment is 0.04 Own funds 05 Lack of funds 06 Market analysis VII Cooperation mode: joint venture VIII Economic benefit IX maintenance method of Jinan impact machine Contact information release organization: Liaocheng Investment Promotion Bureau

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