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As an enterprise office, desk is essential to the office environment. How high is the Xinxiang desk? What is the size standard of Xinxiang office desk

as an enterprise office, the desk is essential to the office environment. The comfort of the desk also affects the office efficiency of employees. The comfort of the desk is reflected not only in the texture, color and function, but also in the height of the desk. The height of the desk affects the comfort of our work. When we are high, we feel that our hands are lifted up laboriously, and when we are low, we feel that our backs are bent and tired. How high is the Xinxiang desk? What is the size standard of Xinxiang office desk? Each enterprise department uses different desk heights because of their different work contents, which directly leads to the market being able to provide products of different sizes. Next, Xinxiang Jincai furniture will bring you relevant product information, so that everyone can know how high the desk is generally suitable

how high is the Xinxiang desk? As we all know, there are more and more office furniture brands that can provide you with many sizes in the market. The sizes of desks designed by different styles are slightly different, so that they can meet the needs of consumers. As we all know, if you only know about the relevant office furniture brands, you can't know more about the general height of the desk. Because the brand is only one of the factors that affect the size of the desk, its overall needs to be determined by many factors

as we all know, the main dimensions of furniture and national standards have strict regulations, especially the functional dimensions of products. If the size of the desk is too large or too small, it will not only affect the appearance of the product, damage everyone's office environment, but also affect everyone's use efficiency, thereby reducing everyone's work efficiency. Many people will choose a desk according to their height and other conditions. In the market, the height of the general desk is about 780mm

next, Xinxiang Jincai furniture will introduce the product size in some pictures, so that you can roughly know how high the general desk is. First of all, we will bring you a conference table. This desk is designed in Chinese style. Its height is 760mm, and the overall size design is relatively moderate. The product surface is covered with natural wood veneer, with clear and natural texture, which can show the distinctive design of this desk. The size of this desk in the figure is 3300*2400*860mm

with the continuous rise of their own experience and financial resources, the desks used by everyone are becoming more and more high-end, atmospheric and high-grade. Using a large desk as a desk can better show the leadership style of users, that is, this kind of products are loved by many successful people. The overall size design of this kind of office furniture is quite atmospheric, and it can make use of the clear and natural texture of the table surface, as well as the delicate texture and fashionable design, which are loved by more people, and thus become one of the best-selling products. The size of this desk is 2454*1218*768mm

according to social surveys, user feedback and actual test data, most office desks are 72 to 76 cm high, which is the most appropriate combination with most office chairs, and employees will not suffer physical injury due to long-term bending or stretching their necks





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