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Ms. Mao, a resident of a community in Jiangnan, called our rights hotline to report that not long ago, her family found a decoration company to decorate, and a serious problem of Jerry building was found in the decoration process. Later, she asked knowledgeable people to help her review the budget plan, and found that the trap was impossible to prevent. For example, the budget quotation of Ms. Mao's door pocket is: 5 meters long, 50 yuan/meter of main materials, 10 yuan/meter of auxiliary materials, plus 10 yuan/meter of labor, a total of 350 yuan. In fact, if calculated according to the actual area of the door pocket, the cost of a door pocket is about 200 yuan when the materials used are exactly the same and the process is the same. The decoration company took advantage of the fact that customers did not understand the budget, and even reported a budget plan with a profit margin of 60%

recently, many readers have called this newspaper to report that they often feel confused in the face of the budget quotation scheme provided by the decoration company in the process of home decoration. So, after receiving the budget plan of the home decoration company, what aspects should customers pay attention to? The reporter consulted relevant insiders for this

according to the analysis of the designer of Caixin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., when examining and approving the price, the owner can pay attention to the following aspects to prevent it from setting a price trap: first, whether the construction project in the budget is consistent with the design scheme; Second, whether the process and main material brands and specifications are clear; Third, in the water and electricity installation project, whether the design scheme meets the requirements, whether the quantities are clear, and whether the total price is open; Fourth, whether the unit price of the construction project is reasonable; Fifth, whether the total cost exceeds the investment plan

according to insiders, in order to meet the owners' control requirements for the total cost, decoration companies usually adopt the practice of reducing decoration projects or lowering material standards. Therefore, owners should pay special attention in this regard: if the scheme changes, there are fewer projects, and the quality standards are reduced, the manufacturing price will naturally be lower, and the grade will be reduced. In fact, it does not save money. When signing the decoration contract, we must clarify the construction process, decoration materials, overall style, paint form, etc. The brands and specifications of main materials (such as paint, oil, large core board, floor, floor tile, etc.) should be noted to avoid shoddy. Hydropower installation project is a breakthrough for decoration companies to earn high profits. Because the decoration company has a low level in hydropower design and cannot accurately calculate the quantities, it often "opens" this project when signing the decoration contract, and then makes measurement and settlement according to the unit price after completion. At this time, because the pipeline has been buried in the wall or underground for concealment, it is difficult to measure accurately. Decoration companies often open their mouths and kill the owners. Therefore, the owner must be careful when signing the contract with the decoration company, and be sure to clarify the price and quantities of the hydropower installation project

then, how can owners see through the price trap of decoration companies? Here, the designers of Caixin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. taught us several different methods of identifying quotation:

first, the combined quotation method. Decoration companies usually quote with this method. The combined quotation has included all material costs of a decoration project (except the main materials provided by the owner), transportation costs, labor costs of personnel of various professional types of work, site management fees, profits, taxes, etc. Pay attention not to let the decoration company double calculate (refers to double billing, dismembering the process of repeated calculation). This quotation method often contains ambiguous contents, market prices are chaotic, and the level is far from high, and most of this quotation is higher than the quota quotation. When consumers encounter this kind of quotation method, they should compare with multiple companies before determining

the second is the quota calculation method. This quotation method is rarely used by decoration companies, but the owner seems very clear and definite. This calculation method is based on the decoration quota issued by the state, the quota of relevant majors and the charging standard stipulated by the state, and adopts the methods of labor, material quota and market price to calculate. The labor cost and material cost in the quota are adjusted according to the market guiding price, and each process of each divisional and subdivisional project of decoration construction is calculated separately to calculate the material cost and labor cost, The sum of the two is the direct cost of the project quota. The charge of decoration works is based on the labor cost, and the charge is charged according to the charging standard specified in the construction area. If possible, consumers should try to ask the decoration company to quote according to the quota calculation method, so that the profit and loss are in the light

no matter what kind of quotation method, the owner should have a clear idea of the construction volume of the home decoration project. For example, the decoration quantity of divisional and subdivisional works is one of the important parameters constituting the decoration cost. Its accuracy will directly affect the cost. Decoration companies usually increase the quantities of divisional and subdivisional works in order to improve their profits in disguised form. Therefore, the owner should carefully review whether the calculation of the quantities conforms to the relevant national regulations. For example, the area of wall painting, the length of package doors and windows, the area of walls, floor tiles, floors, cabinets, cabinets, ceiling areas, the length of gypsum lines and skirting lines, the length of water and electricity pipelines, and so on. The part to be deducted shall be deducted according to the regulations, such as more than 300mm × For 300 mm holes, the corresponding area shall be deducted for the walls with furniture or windows

in short, before signing the decoration contract, we should try to avoid leaving space and gaps for the decoration company to raise prices in disguise. In order for the owner to better complete the room decoration project, it is best to hire a decoration Supervisor (Budget Engineer) to check for you. Only in this way can we avoid wasting money unjustly




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