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On November 24, 2015, goradi was 15 years old! This is a good day. Of course, the whole gorandi family should celebrate it together. Cheerful, warm and moved, Xiaobian was really moved

on November 24, 2015, gorandi was 15 years old! This is a good day. Of course, the whole gorandi family should celebrate it together. Cheerful, warm and moved, Xiaobian was really moved

before moving, I have prepared a speech for you. Let's welcome Mr. Tian Yu, chairman of grandi, to deliver a speech


Grandy is fifteen years old! Thank you for your company and dedication! Fifteen years of success is also fifteen years of struggle; Fifteen years of happiness are also fifteen years of hardship; We are destined to be together in the southeast and northwest; We hug each other in spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the days we passed together, we shared hope, joy, applause, praise and laughter, as well as tears, sweat, sadness, complaints and disappointments. 2015 was an extremely difficult year for Chinese enterprises, especially for gorandi. Relocation and construction of the plant, the replacement of the old and the new, all kinds of difficulties came one after another, and one difficulty was handed over to goradi, testing goradi! The average life span of Chinese enterprises is seven years, so gorandi is already a middle-aged man. How to stimulate grandi's passion and vitality? Where should gorandi go in the face of many difficulties? Maybe in the next few years, China's economy will be more difficult, and we will also face more difficulties. I promise: gorandi will move forward bravely, and the goal of becoming stronger and better will remain unchanged; The concept of win-win development remains unchanged; The principle of honesty and responsibility remains unchanged; Friendship that values love and righteousness does not change. We will also work together for the next 15 years. "Gorandi complex" connects us, and we believe in the power of "faith"! We believe in the power of "integrity"! We believe in the power of responsibility! We believe in the power of "persistence"! We believe in the power of "unity"! We are sure to overcome all difficulties and embrace a better future

Goran Di Tian Yu

Mr. Tian didn't make a speech on the stage, but the words written by himself made people full of strength and hope. Without boasting and complacency, it is more about the understanding and overcoming of difficulties, the belief in moving forward and development, which is enough. For customers and employees, it is enough to make us more united and fearless to move forward. What is more important than development, what is more important than ideals and beliefs, what is more important than integrity, and what is more important than full of hope

days spent together

days spent together are the theme of the factory celebration activities. We laugh together, sweat together, pay together, harvest together, and grow together

boss is with us

president Tian is also the birthday man and has received full blessings. President Tian is naturally close to the people. It's also very easy for employees to chat with him

it's not surprising that President Tian greeted the employees at the door. He is so close to the people. Blowing is too cute

encouraging new employees, of course, is also very demanding. New employees must work hard

Mr. Gong, you don't laugh too reserved. I don't know. Mr. Gong is strict in work, but he is like a big brother and a small partner in life

general manager Yan promulgated the technician evaluation system. In order to give full play to the important role of the backbone of production technology and continuously select and train the backbone of production technology of goradi, goradi will carry out technician evaluation

president Yan, who seems serious, is actually very humorous. Since the establishment of golandi Qingyuan production base, President Yan has worked hard day and night

hey, this is good, classic, three guys, vigorous, good friends, good comrades in arms, no matter how many words of friendship are pale

new employees and old employees together

new employees present awards to old employees with more than ten years

the old employees are the backbone of production technology and have made great contributions to the development of gorandi. I salute them. New employees will become new productive forces. Taking teachers and apprentices can make new employees skillful, quickly enter the working state, reduce mistakes caused by unskilled, form a good working atmosphere and improve work efficiency

I like it for you

work conscientiously and positively. Workmates and colleagues help each other. Of course, I want to like it for you. The hands and faces of the partners are full of thumbs, full of positive energy

well, wait for praise, there is no need to canvass

great, I can't stop at all

this guy is too hard at canvassing

representatives of beauty group

dealer partners are with us

grandi can't live without the company and support of dealers and customers for the past 15 years and the next 15 years. We are together online to share the good memories of the past 15 years, showing old photos, telling stories, looking forward to the future, and of course, the exciting red envelope game

focus, speed, passion, persistence

for 15 years, grandi focuses on doing a good job in medium and high-end artificial stones & Quartz stone adheres to the goal of becoming stronger and better. Only with speed can we have efficiency, and only with passion can we have innovation. Together, we will use speed and passion to meet all kinds of difficulties and create a brilliant future

the 15th anniversary of the factory celebration that we walked together

rich and interesting activities wave after wave, with climaxes and high turns





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