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In March, Wuhan home decoration market ushered in the traditional peak season, and merchants have played "promotional cards". Both businesses and consumers are full of expectations for spring. However, many consumers said that "the decoration is as deep as the sea", "invisible consumption", "false low price", "material trap" and so on are impossible to prevent, and consumption has become a headache. Now the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network reminds owners how to avoid hidden traps in the peak decoration season

the online and offline home decoration market is gradually "heating up"

"recently, there are promotional advertisements of home decoration companies in newspapers, television and radio, with great incentives, and we also have decoration needs. Don't you come early to have a look." In a decoration company in the provincial capital, uncle Hu and his family are consulting about the decoration of their new house

recently, the reporter visited the market and found that the consulting halls of many home decoration companies were full of consumers. "Since March, the climate has warmed up, and the humidity and temperature have also changed accordingly, which is suitable for indoor decoration, so every spring is the peak season of the home decoration industry." From March to may, the temperature is moderate, which is conducive to air circulation. The paint also dries quickly. The overall construction speed is fast, and the humidity is relatively appropriate, which can ensure that the moisture content of wood is controlled below 13%

the manager of the network Department of a decoration company said that recently, 20 or 30 people came to consult almost every day, and more on weekends. They can successfully sign more than 20 orders every day. "This spring, one-stop shopping, environmental protection and simplicity will continue to be the theme of home consumption." The reporter saw in many home furnishings in the provincial capital that neutral colors with different shades such as coffee, camel and beige are favored by consumers. "Such colors can create a quiet atmosphere under high pressure and tension, thus increasing the warmth and comfort of home." The manager said

the person in charge of a decoration company in Wuhan also said: "the pace of modern life is fast, and consumers are more pragmatic. The heavy and cumbersome decoration style will make the space smaller, and will also make the residents feel heavier, so the modern simple style will still be the mainstream of the market."

offline activities "awesome", and various forms of profit making promotions have also been launched online. The reporter found on several e-commerce platforms that furniture, wall and floor materials, sanitary ware, lighting, etc. all kinds of goods about home decoration have displayed the slogan of "March decoration Festival, good gifts never stop". In tmall's official flagship store of a well-known lighting brand, customer service staff told the reporter that now more and more consumers tend to buy home decoration materials online, "The price is affordable and convenient for comparison. There are also other consumers' purchase experience sharing. Now hundreds of people consult every day."

talking about "installing" color change invisible traps are impossible to prevent

the home decoration market is "hot" with the temperature, but there are still many consumers talking about "installing" color change, and they don't know how to avoid the "invisible trap" in the process of home decoration

"I often blame myself for not understanding the decoration at the beginning; I often regret that I didn't find a regular decoration company; it's always bad when the decoration is not good, and I blame myself for being too generous when signing the contract. In the end, this money has become the decoration tuition fees. Bye bye to me..." the decoration "complaint" Divine Comedy "how many" tuition fees "can be repeated" adapted by netizens reflects the current situation that many consumers spend money on decoration but "don't please"

during the interview, the reporter found that after you sing, I will appear at the home decoration group purchase meeting and experience meeting. In the leaflet of the promoters, the words "the lowest price in the city", "discount as low as 30%, and" top 100 brands, breakdown of the base price "attracted the attention of consumers. "Low price sales and preferential discounts are the usual tactics of businesses to attract customers. Consumers need to polish their eyes and carefully identify. They should not listen to propaganda and believe in it. They must not sacrifice quality and after-sales service in order to be cheap, so as to avoid losing their wives and soldiers." Xu Wanghui said

"it's better to take precautions when looking at the price in the early stage, and the decoration process is really 'startling step by step'." Mr. Wu, a provincial city, told about his experience of decorating his new house last year. "After shopping around, I chose a decoration company with high cost performance. I originally felt that everything was going well. As a result, after I checked in, I found that the interface between cabinets, wardrobes and other wood products and the wall was not moisture-proof." Mr. Wu said that on the surface, there was no difference, but in fact, the process standard was reduced. "Later, I asked the decoration company, and they said that if they wanted to complete the process, they would need to pay extra money. Considering that things were not big, let it be."

"nowadays, most people only have one suite and pay more attention to decoration. Everyone wants a home that looks beautiful and lives safely and comfortably. But the traps of price, technology, materials and so on in the home decoration market are really hard to prevent." Miss Yu, who is consulting in a decoration company, also expressed her concern

standardize how the market realizes "zero concern"

"there are many home decoration processes in early stage design, water and electricity transformation, carpentry, flooring, furniture, decoration, etc., and most people consume for the first time, so it is easy to enter the 'consumption trap' in this process." The staff of a decoration company in the provincial capital told reporters

according to insiders, the current "regular army" team in the home decoration industry is not strong, home decoration enterprises are diverse, and even some of them are home decoration "guerrillas" with no construction qualification and loose management. These loose home decoration construction personnel are highly mobile, have no fixed place, and lack the ability to effectively bear the responsibility for project quality, resulting in the lack of corresponding guarantee for project quality

in fact, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Ministry of Commerce have successively issued and implemented normative documents such as the code for quality acceptance of residential interior decoration projects and the code for business services in the home furnishing industry, which basically further standardized the construction quality, environmental protection problems, price rationality, malicious additions and acceptance standards that currently appear in the home furnishing market. However, the reporter interviewed many decoration companies in the provincial capital and found that many designers and decoration personnel did not know much about the relevant specifications. "I've heard of these regulations, but I don't know the specific situation. Our company has strict construction standards, and the materials used, the construction specifications of workers, including the later acceptance, have made detailed regulations. We will strictly follow the standards." A staff member of a decoration company told reporters

insiders said that home decoration companies did not "digest" the relevant regulations in time, and consumers lacked the awareness of safeguarding their rights, which increased the difficulty of standardized management of the home decoration market to a certain extent. Experts believe that home decoration "zero concern" is inseparable from the joint efforts of various parties. Home decoration companies need to practice their internal skills and improve industry transparency, management and service awareness and integrity awareness. Consumers should establish a correct view of consumption and rights protection, refuse to "swallow it" when their rights and interests are damaged, and resolutely safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. In terms of supervision, as home decoration involves many departments such as housing construction, housing management, planning, industry and commerce, the supervision departments should further clarify their respective supervision functions and form a joint supervision force





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