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Have you heard of such fashionable electrical terms as antibacterial switch, color switch and intelligent switch system

have you heard of such fashionable electrical terms as antibacterial switch, color switch and intelligent switch system? Just listening to these magical names can surprise you. Even a small switch is enough to frighten you, for its strange creativity, for its intelligence, and for its considerate humanization service

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in the 21st century, led by science and technology, switches are no longer a simple function of opening and closing in the traditional sense. The times have given it a new definition. Please follow the reporter to enjoy the dreamlike new feeling brought by fashionable switches

switches can also resist germs

you may not have noticed that the surface of the switch, the most common and commonly used small household appliance we contact every day, has become a "place to hide dirt". We know that there are the most kinds of germs on hands, and hands often touch all kinds of switches. In this way, germs on hands often cross spread through switches, which shows the great ability of switches to spread germs. A study once showed that among household appliances, the switch is 400 times dirtier than the toilet. It can be seen that the spread of germs through switches always threatens people's health, and antibacterial has become an urgent problem to be solved

antibacterial switch is a newly developed product specifically aimed at this problem. It is reported that the antibacterial switch adds a nano antibacterial material to the switch panel and keys. Its nano active ingredients can efficiently kill and remove bacteria and their debris, and can also decompose Toxins Secreted by bacteria. This makes every time we use the switch, it is as clean as when we use it for the first time, eliminating the way of bacteria transmission, and making our life more healthy and safe

the color of the switch is so gorgeous

the switch has never impressed people deeply because of its ordinary shape and monotonous color. The pure white color seems to integrate it with the wall, so people also turn a blind eye to it. Now, the switch changes the plain face of the past, and injects fresh colors, making it full of colorful air

the unique double decorative frame of the color switch can be replaced and matched freely, which can meet the different personalized decoration needs of users, making the switch a home decoration element. The so-called "thousands of colors match, thousands of colors, make your space more excellent". Not only the decorative frame has colors, but also the switch panel changes a variety of patterns. Such a colorful innovative design not only enriches the color of the original switch, but also improves its shape, making the switch more fashionable and more visual impact

switches are more intelligent

now, intelligent switches embody the concept of "intelligent control in one". They are a wireless light control system with elegant design, easy installation and use, and remote control

the intelligent switch is easy to operate. Pulling down the switch can control different lighting scenes, create different atmosphere effects, and form different lighting scenes through simple programming. Any switch can receive signals from any angle. The elegant remote controller is designed according to ergonomics and is suitable for the size of the hand. Its installation is also very convenient. It is suitable for general common wire standards, and there is no need to rewire. It can directly replace the existing ordinary switch. The old house can also reflect the smart home. Users can also choose colors and various innovative panel materials according to their preferences. It embodies the unified combination of aesthetics and practicality of the switch





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