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The touch screen market, which is widely used in all walks of life, is becoming mature.

touch screen technology facilitates people's operation and use of computers. It is a very promising interactive input technology. Countries all over the world generally pay attention to this and invest a lot of human and material resources in research and development

since 2000, touch screen products have been applied in more and more fields, from game consoles to notebooks, handheld computers, GPS (global satellite navigation system), POS (point of sale terminals), digital photo frames, etc. There are more and more types of touch screen, from resistance digital and resistance analog to acoustic screen, infrared screen and capacitive screen. As the latest human-computer interaction technology, touch screen is not only a transparent input system, but also an absolute positioning system. As long as the user gently touches the symbols or words on the display screen with his finger or electronic pen, he can realize the operation. In this way, he can get rid of the dependence on the keyboard and mouse, and make the human-computer interaction more straightforward

touch screens are found in all walks of life

the touch screens we mentioned were very rare a few years ago. After nearly 7 years of development, the function of the touch screen has developed from a simple query guide to a touch query all-in-one machine integrating business query and application. The application fields have also ranged from the initial post and telecommunications, shopping malls to various industries. Moreover, with the enrichment of application software, many manufacturers have successively launched public information query systems and kiosk (touch screen query all-in-one) application systems for touch information terminals in finance, postal services and urban information ports, which further expands the application scope of touch screen products

touch screen technology makes it convenient for people to operate and use computers. It is a very promising interactive input technology. Countries all over the world generally pay attention to this, and invest a lot of human and material resources in research and development. New touch screen technologies and accessories are emerging, such as touch pen, touch pad, etc

the development of touch screen shows the trend of specialization, multimedia, three-dimensional and large screen. With the development of information society, people need to get all kinds of public information. The public information transmission system with touch screen technology as the interactive window, through the use of advanced computer technology and the use of text, images, music, interpretation, animation, video and other forms, intuitively and vividly introduces various information to people and brings great convenience to people's life. It can be predicted that with the rapid development of touch screen technology, the application field of touch screen will be wider and wider, and the performance will be better and better

touch screen has unique advantages

compared with other types of display screens, touch screen has unique advantages in the field of electronic products such as, PDA, vehicle mounted display screen, etc., and has a very wide range of applications and broad market prospects

touch screen manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, but Japanese manufacturers occupy the absolute share of the global touch screen market. The international advanced touch screen manufacturers have the micro industry. The current core problems are environmental protection. Ouch company, ELO company, g-touch company, general company, etc. In recent years, some touch screen manufacturers in Taiwan have begun to occupy a certain share in the market, but there is still a large gap compared with Japanese manufacturers in terms of technology and market share

the touch screen has experienced the development process from low-grade to high-grade, from infrared screen, four wire resistance screen to capacitive screen, and now to acoustic touch screen and five wire resistance touch screen. Its performance is more and more reliable and its technology is more and more advanced. Moreover, with the different application characteristics of various industries, the previously neglected infrared screen and capacitor screen have been reborn after technological transformation. The development of LCD (liquid crystal) flat panel display technology has highlighted the advantages of touch screen, which is very popular with users in finance, securities and other industries

in 2003, the global touch screen market was about 2billion US dollars. The main market of touch screen is concentrated in developed countries such as Europe and the United States and Japan, and the market in Chinese Mainland only accounts for a small proportion. With the gradual launch of 3G market, the market demand for touch screen will grow rapidly. According to the prediction of TRI in Taiwan, by 2008, the demand of PDA and intelligent touch screen alone will reach 167million

the touch screen Market in mainland China is gradually maturing.

although the touch screen industry in Chinese Mainland has had the shadow of infrared screens since 1992, due to the inherent deficiency in technology, the experimental machine itself and its surrounding environment should be liquidated in time after the experiment was completed in September 14, 1993. By 1994, some companies in Chinese Mainland began to act as agents for the capacitive touch screen of microtouch company in the United States, which marked the official birth of the touch screen industry in the mainland. Since then, the IT market in Chinese Mainland has had a new term: touch screen. It was not until 1998 that enterprises with current production capacity were really introduced to the physical properties of the tensile winding film tester, such as Shenzhen Chentong company, Beijing Hopman company and Shanghai Kangtaike company. So far, there are more than ten touch screen manufacturers with production strength in Chinese Mainland. International advanced touch screen manufacturers such as icotouch, ELO, g-touch and general have had a far-reaching impact on the development of the touch screen industry in mainland China. Companies in the mainland also absorb the technologies and products of leading international companies to generate self owned brands

the current touch screen Market in mainland China is divided into manufacturers and agents. The manufacturers include Shougang Huanxing company, Shenzhen Chentong, Shanghai Kangtaike, Beijing Hopman company, Hunan Yitong, etc. They not only own their own brand products, including kiosk, touch screen display (CRT) and touch screen query software (touchsoft), but also act as agents for foreign touch screen product manufacturers, such as Shougang Huanxing acting as the acoustic screen, five wire resistive screen and infrared screen of Minato company, Shenzhen Chentong acting as the products of ELO company and four wire resistive screen of ronics company, Beijing Hopman company acts as the agent of the third generation new resistive screen of Taiwan g-touch company, and has obtained the general agent right in the north. Hunan Yitong is the general agent of g-touch company in Central China. Other manufacturers, such as Liangying touch, Jinya touch and Xinjin Taisen touch, basically do not have the production capacity and mainly rely on agency products

the touch screen Market in mainland China is concentrated in small and medium-sized products below 10.4 inches, which are mainly used in consumer electronic products such as touch screen, PDA, vehicle display screen, etc. Up to now, there are not many enterprises in the mainland that can produce millions of touch screens. In terms of product structure and product quality, there are not many manufacturers that have done very well, and there are even fewer enterprises with high product R & D capability. Taiwan's overseas Chinese and Huayi in the mainland can be said to be the leader in this industry. Both Shenzhen, Vietnam and Beitai are time-honored enterprises in the mainland, and their progress in recent years is not obvious. Guangzhou Henglida and Nanjing huaruichuan, established in 2001 and 2003, have made great progress from 2005 to 2007. Guangzhou Henglida specializes in manufacturing GPS touch screens and Nanjing huaruichuan specializes in manufacturing screens

at present, some newly-built factories based on the screen market are in trouble. The economic recession and financial crisis have all brought fatal impact on these small and medium-sized touch screen manufacturers

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