The hottest application of polyurethane in Dalian

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Dalian built a "refrigerator level" thermal insulation residence with polyurethane. Wanhua company launched an upgraded product of polyurethane on-site spraying jointly established with China Academy of Building Sciences and national building energy saving experts, namely the factory produced polyurethane rigid foam composite board external wall insulation system and Wanhua polyurethane rigid foam insulation decoration integrated system

one is a 3cm thick polyurethane rigid foam board. Both sides of the board are the surfaces of sand paper samples integrated with the board, which can be ideally combined with organic materials such as cement mortar, which are not stable in the instrument

it is reported that in the construction of high-rise buildings, this material can be constructed synchronously with the main structure in the way of "large formwork built-in", eliminating the secondary insulation process. The other is the decoration integration system, which can complete the imitation metal or imitation stone veneer once the insulation is done. Eyes or touch can be unreal. (2) Resistance classification and performance spot welding

according to gaohanmin, chief engineer of Dalian Academy of construction Sciences, an expert in building energy conservation of the Ministry of construction, the thermal conductivity of polyurethane rigid foam is only half that of EPS polystyrene. It has higher strength and better fireproof and waterproof performance than benzene board. The relevant departments of the Construction Commission also said that the polyurethane rigid foam board system will take the lead in playing a role in the residential demonstration project in Dalian

urethane rigid foam material is known as the most excellent wall insulation material in the field of building energy conservation at present because of its excellent thermal insulation performance and building adaptability. With the improvement of China's building energy-saving standards, the Ministry of construction has successively issued specifications for relevant engineering technologies according to the "quick rise" key to further promote the application of polyurethane rigid foam in the field of building energy conservation. At present, it has been successfully used in nearly 5million square meters of buildings, including the bird's nest, and has achieved good building energy efficiency. Dalian has also applied polyurethane on-site spraying technology to the Xiaoping Island residential project to build a "refrigerator grade" thermal insulation residential building close to low energy consumption

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