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Apple has temporarily closed all offices, retail stores and call centers

on February 1, apple officially announced the closure of all Apple retail stores on land that are composed of all kinds of speeders made of China's major reducing materials. From that day (those that opened yesterday also closed after 18:00) to 24:00 on February 9, the apple store retail stores will be temporarily closed. That is to say, all Apple's offline retail stores have been closed. What should we do if we need offline retail store services? Previously, they announced the temporary closure of three apple store retail stores in Qingdao, Nanjing and Fuzhou. This time, they directly closed all retail stores in the mainland, as well as all offices and call centers in Chinese Mainland. However, the apple store will continue to operate normally. In response, apple officials issued a special statement to respond to the temporary closure of all retail stores in the mainland

Apple's official statement: we are worried about the people most directly affected by coronavirus and the staff who work day and night to study and control the epidemic. From now until February 9, we will close all offices, retail stores and call centers in Chinese Mainland out of great consideration and in accordance with the latest recommendations of experts. Apple's stores in China are still open. We will continue to pay close attention to the situation and look forward to the resumption of business of our retail stores as soon as possible

at present, you can also buy Apple products you want from Apple officials, and also support online returns. However, a fruit fan asked yesterday: the date of return is February 4 without the reason of adopting LED touch screen. Now that the apple store retail stores are temporarily closed, how can we return them? Will it be affected

it can be said that the impact is not significant. As long as you meet the requirements for returning goods, Apple's offline retail stores will still allow you to return goods without reason around February 10

what are the return requirements? There are three main types. The first one is the return requirements of Apple officials and Apple stores: iPhones that are in good condition within 14 natural days from the date of delivery can be returned without reason, and the returned iPhones must have the original packaging, that is, all accessories, manuals and instructions. The requirements of apple tmall flagship store are the same, but the return period without reason is only 7 days

the second requirement of other e-commerce platforms: the after-sales service for iPhones purchased from self operated stores of other e-commerce platforms is different from the official service. It only supports the return of iPhones that have not been activated for 7 days. That is to say, if iPhones have been activated, except for the real hardware problems, they cannot be returned without reason. The contract machine requirements are the same, and other requirements will be added. (e.g. minimum consumption)

the third channel of purchase: the specific requirements require communication with the merchant, but generally, the activated machine cannot be returned

in addition, all return services require the complete return of, packaging, accessories, instructions, etc. if paper invoices are applied for, they also need to be returned together. Therefore, partners who want to return goods during this period must keep these 12. How to understand the safeguard measures proposed in the guide? Things

if there is any fruit powder that needs to be repaired in the offline retail store, it can only be patient. Apple's offline retail store will reopen on February 10

in addition, it is reported that Apple has started trial production of the new iPhone se2 to be released in March, with the first batch of about 6million units, and 30million units will be supplied within the year. However, as Foxconn and other OEM companies have delayed the production date, it is expected that the production of iPhone se2 will also be directly affected. Apple may delay the release time of iPhone se2 to ensure sufficient supply of the first batch

finally, I believe most of my friends are at home like me. After all, they respond to the call and do not get together or go out. Here we will also sort out some requirements for the epidemic situation. There are query tools for real-time tracking of the epidemic situation and whether the infected person with novel coronavirus travels with the patient, so as to avoid everyone traveling with the patient. The query tool and address can be obtained by replying 888 to guofen home

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