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2021 national civil servant examination model essay: artificial intelligence can be very warm

: [2021 national civil servant examination model essay: artificial intelligence can be very warm]

cut down the numerous and simplify the three autumn trees, and set new standards. Human understanding and transformation of the world has never stopped, and development and innovation have never stopped. In today's environment, which is both an opportunity and a challenge, artificial intelligence came into being. However, there are still many people who are worried about the development of artificial intelligence, and even talk about the change of intelligence. In Black Friday, Nick once said that there is no difference between good and bad strength. Although graphene based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings have been the focus of relevant industries in recent years, the key lies in the users of strength. The same is true of artificial intelligence. The rational use of artificial intelligence will bring warmth

rational use of artificial intelligence is the cornerstone of personal growth. Bringing artificial intelligence to poverty alleviation is an organic combination of modern science and technology and targeted poverty alleviation. There is no lack of left behind children in poor areas. They are short of food and clothing and long for love and companionship, but the reality is very cruel. Until the poverty alleviation cadres brought a lot of clothes and food, and brought AI intelligent reading and learning machine to the left behind children more attentively. The learning machine not only helps children read and learn, but also enables intelligent dialogue. The ability to sing and tell stories is not a big deal. On the one hand, such good teachers and friends enable children to learn better and cultivate interest; On the other hand, it can also make up for the lack of love and care in the process of children's growth. Artificial intelligence robot is like a seed of hope, which spreads in children's barren hearts. If the seeds become trees and forests in time, the left behind children will be able to look at the world from the perspective of love, which has a decisive effect on the growth of children. The experimental force that the left behind fixture can bear is a very important indicator of the fixture. Therefore, artificial intelligence can add warmth to personal growth

rational use of artificial intelligence is the strong wind for enterprises to take off. As the saying goes, the good wind can take advantage of its strength to send me to the green cloud. The rise of artificial intelligence is no different from a rare wind of opportunity for these enterprises at the forefront of the times. Apple was the first to get there. In 2013, Apple executives unanimously approved the fruit core plan, which included the development of Apple's intelligent cultivation system. Then Siri voice intelligence came out, setting off a revolution. Users are surprised to use the artificial intelligence voice system. At the same time, it also reflects their satisfaction with the apple voice system. When you need to call while driving, there is no need to be distracted. As long as you call Siri, the intelligent voice system can help you dial automatically, greatly reducing the accident rate. Siri, like a housekeeper, has properly planned people's lives. Siri fever and apple fever have also made apple the leader in the market. Therefore, artificial intelligence can start and operate these household appliances without direct supervision, adding warmth to the development of enterprises

rational use of artificial intelligence is a stable ship anchor for the country. The security of a country lies in the law, which must be implemented and implemented. And how to truly implement the laws, regulations and systems? The introduction of artificial intelligence into regulation and planning is a stroke of genius. In the past few years, there was a lazy atmosphere in the ranks of national cadres. The phenomenon of being late for work and leaving early after work emerged one after another. People could only run into a wall when they looked for an official to handle affairs. The corruption under the office was that the door was closed. The on-the-job status showed that they were on a business trip. In fact, they were providing for the aged at home or even traveling. People complained. It turned out that some cadres had to sign on behalf of others when signing in and signing out. Due to human relations, the trustee had to do so, which made the behavior of some cadres more rampant and shaken the stability of the country. After AI was introduced to sign in and sign out, the cadres had to be on duty and off duty on time. Therefore, artificial intelligence can add warmth to national stability

a good scholar knows his reason, and a good practitioner knows his use. This sentence reveals that those who are good at using foreign objects must know where they are suitable. The development and use of artificial intelligence also requires us to fully understand its nature and use it reasonably, so as to give full play to its value. What artificial intelligence brings to mankind is love, warmth, hope and the April day on earth

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