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Apple pay competitors are hacked: mobile payment security is questioned

the mobile payment system currentc said on Wednesday that the service has been hacked, and some users' e-mail addresses may have been leaked. Currentc is a competitor to Apple pay and Google wallet services

mcx, the developer of currentc, sent an email on Wednesday saying that its information security system for drug delivery devices was invaded by unauthorized third parties in the past 36 hours. The company's investigation shows that no other information has been disclosed except the user's e-mail address

several readers of Appleinsider, a US technology blog, provided copies of this email sent by McX on Wednesday. These readers participated in the pilot project of currentc. Currently, currentc is under test and plans to officially launch the service in 2015

currentc is facing some disputes recently. Retailers participating in this project are prohibited from using other mobile payment systems, such as apple pay and Google wallet. So last week, Rite Aid and CVs both shut down the payment system based on near-field communication (NFC) technology and did not support Apple pay, which was launched recently

currentc's main partners include Wal Mart and best buy. The merchant chooses currentc mainly because the McX system uses the user's bank account information instead of the credit card. If currentc can attract consumers, retailers will no longer have to pay for credit card transactions

on the contrary, apple pay users need to scan the current debit card or credit card, and then conveniently use the credit card information to deliver the first year of the supply side reform. In addition, apple pay also supports contactless payment technology. Previously, Google wallet and other services have used such technology

earlier on Wednesday, McX tried to defend in a blog post that current3 and passive needle could not stop at any position C. The company said that sensitive user information is stored in the cloud computing platform, rather than the user's intelligence. However, considering this information security incident and the recent disclosure of other user information, McX insists that the security of cloud computing platform may be questioned by consumers

on the other hand, apple pay is anonymous and will not share user information with retailers. Through NFC technology, iPhone users can take out and verify transactions through touch ID. At the back end, the secure NFC module monitors nearby terminals and sends token payment data from the security module. At the same time, it does not need more user operations on the forum

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