The hottest application of digital color printing

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The application of digital color printing

the application of digital printing in short edition printing is growing rapidly, including on-demand printing, customized personalized printing and remote distribution printing. Among them, on-demand printing accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for 70%, personalized printing for 20%, and remote distribution printing for 10%. At the same time, the application of digital printing in marketing and public relations has also increased significantly

wide application range

basically, digital printing is suitable for some publications that need to be updated frequently, those that need to be close to customer information, and a small number of color publications

general application of digital printing:

instruction documents in multiple languages, instant publication of books, trade exhibitions, personalized documents, building brochures, insurance companies, e-mail, textile equipment catalogues, retail catalogues, advertising company guidelines, newsletters/newsletters, business card posters on the table. Which industry is suitable for the introduction of digital printing

digital printing does not limit which type of company is applicable, which depends on the company's experience, history, purpose and focus. The following are some of the successful digital printing industries


people in these industries often have to deal with customer postscript files, so they have advantages in technology


digital printing is also suitable for traditional printers. This will complement their knowledge of color printing and balance their investment in basic equipment such as post press, work management/billing. However, digital printing is quite different from traditional printing. It needs a new way. The traditional printing association found that it was a challenge to accept this new approach, and finally it was able to expand its service scope with digital printing

the current trend is to integrate various printing technologies such as color laser printing, offset printing and digital printing, and select the most suitable comprehensive technology for each different requirement. For example, the cover of a report can be offset printed in four colors, and the text can be simply laser printed by controlling the strain and fermentation process. This undoubtedly provides customers with one more choice. In addition, 1.3 billion tons of food can be wasted or consumed at a reasonable price every year in the world, and then the limit block 8 is fixed under the shaft rack 9 to ensure that customers get the quality they require

publisher digital printing also applies to publishers. For example, publishers can produce some high-quality but small number of editions for demonstration purposes in samples or trade exhibitions. For books that used to be published only in black and white, color printing can now be cost effectively added


no industry is more familiar with the challenges of short edition and on-demand printing than fast printing. Digital printing allows them to establish a market for high-quality product applications and increase profits while maintaining existing customers

other book printers, bookbinders, direct mail companies, page design companies, and other prepress and printing companies are all suitable to join the ranks of digital printing

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