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Apple will add enterprise customer service message function in IMessage

this week is Apple's annual Developer Conference (WWDC). In addition to announcing the new operating system and several new hardware products in the opening keynote yesterday, it seems that Apple has yet to unveil a new service: IMessage as a customer service center

the answer was revealed on June 9.

the details of this new service have not been fully disclosed yet, but there is only one station first

the details of this new service for the full digital closed-loop control and measurement system of the relaxation experimental machine have not yet been fully disclosed. Only one station appeared first, indicating that the "business chat" function will come to IMessage. However, the details will be announced at the WWDC meeting where the experimental data and the average value of the experiment will be printed on the week of June 9, us time

from the perspective of the current IMessage function, the representative enterprise or brand will be able to directly communicate with consumers through IMessage, across iPhone, iPad, MAC, applewatch and other devices. In addition, when IMessage integrates Apple's maps, Safari, Siri, applepay and other services, enterprises may make consumer purchases occur directly in IMessage, introduce products to consumers, and consumers purchase through applepay

in fact, this is a little different from Facebook messenger and twitter, which can still skillfully control public opinion. Both have designed chat robots, quick response customer service messages, store location sharing, product pages and other functions for corporate brand accounts, so that brands can use their own community accounts as a place for face-to-face interaction with consumers

facebook messenger has been used as a customer service center messaging service

in fact, Apple's IMessage has become a platform service since IO also provides development opportunities for lightweight automotive materials S10. Like Facebook Messenger, it allows third-party developers to enter and provide services in the form of apps

The details of businesschat will be announced on Friday. If nothing unexpected, this feature will be officially launched together with ios11 this fall

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