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Approaching CHINApRINT2005 small offset press Mr. hezeyu, general manager of sheet fed solution sales of Heidelberg China Co., Ltd. Beijing Representative Office, Mr. liuxuezhi, general manager of Yingkou Guanhua offset press Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Jie, sales manager of Weifang Huaguang precision equipment Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhong Lin, marketing director of multivariate digital printing technology industry (China) Co., Ltd Ms. Li Mei, deputy general manager of Yingkou Sanxin printing machine Co., Ltd. They all expressed great concern and love for the upcoming Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition

"For the whole printing industry, chinaprint is the best opportunity for domestic customers to learn about advanced printing technology, and learn about the new development, the best technology and the best solutions recommended by relevant departments and local governments. For manufacturers, this is a good opportunity to publicize technical ideas. Every large-scale exhibition we will see many new products invested in new equipment, which is a benign promotion for customers 。 At the same time, chinaprint, which is becoming more and more international, can effectively promote the development of the entire Chinese printing market and further promote Chinese printing to the world. " Mr. hezeyu said, "Judging from the last exhibition, the five solutions exhibited in Heidelberg have achieved very good results, bringing innovative technologies and products to the industry. We look forward to a better opportunity to communicate with customers and provide customers with the best solutions at this year's exhibition. At the same time, we also hope that this exhibition will provide a good platform for the entire printing industry. Manufacturers can have good publicity, display more new products and equipment, and help Help customers find the right investment. "

Mr. liuxuezhi emphasized: "We have all participated in the previous several times. It should be said that this Beijing International Exhibition is a grand event and one of the six major printing exhibitions in the world. In general, each exhibition is larger and higher in scale and level. It also shows that China has attracted the attention of the whole world with the rapid development of its economic and cultural undertakings since the reform and opening up. China is the most dynamic country in the world, and the printing industry is also an important industry for the development of China's national economy As a microcosm, CHINApRINT2005 will test the development achievements of the printing machinery industry in recent years. I believe it will be a complete success. In my opinion, from the perspective of our manufacturing industry, especially the small offset press industry, more manufacturers will launch high-end, high-tech small format multi-color machines. Moreover, 2005 will be the year with the fastest technological progress in China's printing machinery industry. Various manufacturers will launch more new products, and the printing machinery will break the boundaries of format. Many small offset press manufacturers will enter the medium and large offset press market, and many medium and large offset press manufacturers will also enter the small offset press market. China's printing machinery will face brutal market competition. "

looking back at chinaprint 2001, Ms. Li Mei of Yingkou Sanxin said that we have gained a lot, and the biggest one is that we have established the brand of Sanxin. In terms of sales, we also got to know some foreign dealers through the exhibition, which has taken a big step for Sanxin products to be sold overseas. So far, our cooperation with these foreign dealers is still very close

Mr. Zhang Jie's analysis and evaluation of chinaprint are more objective and direct. He believes that chinaprint is one of the six major exhibitions in the world and has great influence in the world. In China, it is the largest and highest level exhibition at present, which can not be replaced by other exhibitions. Through years of development and continuous improvement, it is believed that more exhibitors will compete on the same stage in this year's exhibition to promote the communication and exchange of the printing machine manufacturing industry, so as to promote the improvement of product technology; More professional dealers and visitors are also involved to realize direct communication and understanding between suppliers and purchasers

"Chinaprint2001, we have participated in the exhibition, and I have personally experienced the exhibition. On the whole, it is required by world standards, with large scale and high exhibition level. Major international equipment manufacturers have come. Of course, affected by China's national conditions, compared with other international exhibitions, such as drupa2004; chinaprint 2001, the exhibition service and information transmission suspender need to be strengthened on the framework of horizontal experimental machine. For CHINApRINT2005, According to the information we have obtained so far, compared with 2001, no matter whether the standard is changed in scale; The standard and service will be improved. Truly become a platform for first-class suppliers and first-class purchasers to communicate with each other, and play a positive role for enterprises to go global. " Mr. Zhang Jie continued

although the achievements are gratifying, they also belong to the past. For this year's chinaprint, do they take practical actions to support and pay attention to this exhibition? Perhaps these figures can give us the answer: 3600 square meters in Heidelberg, 1100 square meters in Duoyuan, 400 square meters in Weifang Huaguang, nearly 2 square meters in Yingkou Guanhua, and 56 square meters in Yingkou Sanxin. They also give a further explanation for this area. It was learned from relevant parties that Shanghai Debao exhibited four solutions, including packaging and printing solutions, industrial printing solutions, commercial rapid printing solutions and print workflow. The four programs will show visitors different technical support to meet different customer needs

as the first manufacturer of small format multi-color machine, Huaguang Seiko is in a leading position in the field of small offset printing production. At this exhibition, about 10 sets of equipment were exhibited, including 52 series printing machines and post press ordering and folding equipment. For the 52 heavy-duty machine, it is more suitable for short version fast printing and has a large market. The 52 series printing machines on display have improved both in technology and quality. For example, the patented technology - zoned ink supply has well solved the previous local ink supply. If it is not ideal, we have developed a unique method to change the layer structure. In addition, we will also launch a new 452 series machine in this exhibition. The reason why we chose this opportunity to launch Xinjing is that we are optimistic about this exhibition. Considering its influence, professional audience and information transmission, it has great advantages. Mr. Zhang Jie further disclosed the exhibition

for an area of 56 square meters, Ms. Li Mei also explained accordingly: "56 square meters, although it is smaller than the original plan of 90 square meters, Sanxin company has set its sights on another height. This exhibition will change the previous store publicity and mainly focus on image publicity. We have made full preparations for this exhibition: we will show you our latest product yk524, which has been prepared since the second half of 2004. As for the details of this new product Performance, technical parameters and its appearance will be shown to you on CHINApRINT2005; The focus of this exhibition is to promote Sanxin's brand; Invite Sanxin's foreign agents to participate in the exhibition together to strengthen their understanding of Sanxin and China's domestic market. "

"In 2005, Yingkou Guanhua will continue to increase the adjustment of product structure. Based on the R & D and production of high-end multi-color offset printing machines, we will continue to maintain the brand quality and reputation of Guanhua. On the one hand, we will increase the investment in equipment plants and new products based on the preferential policies given to us by the northeast old industrial base countries. On the other hand, we will continue to adjust the marketing strategy, increase the investment in the market, and improve the quality of after-sales service, so that Customer satisfaction ensures our company's position in the industry. "

multivariate will strive to be novel and unique in terms of booth scale and exhibition hall layout, and better interpret the concept of "a supplier of full line printing equipment products, a supplier of a full set of printing solutions, a service provider in the whole printing process and a service provider that is convenient and all weather resistant" to the industry by using new exhibits and on-site high-quality services. Mr. Zhong Lin introduced the diversified exhibition themes

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