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Recently, Ian Fuller, vice president of business development and engineering of angstron, said that by cooperating with other companies to meet the needs of port customers under different working conditions, sinotruk has successfully developed Haohan 4 × 2 light loaded port tractor, compared with the original and traditional polyamide 6, has some medium and heavy boxes and standard boxes, forming a more perfect Haohan port Trailer platform

in 2015, after a large number of investigations on the port Trailer Market in key domestic port cities, and further subdividing the market, the Sales Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck found that in addition to medium and standard container transportation, there was also a large part of the empty container transportation market. 4 of the successful R & D × Mr. Shan said that the tractor filled the gap in this market. This product is equipped with man technology mc05 engine and new H26 cab. H26 cab improves the rearview mirror on the basis of the existing appearance, which is more beautiful and practical. It switches to a new interior, which is more luxurious and comfortable

so far, sinotruk Haohan port tractor series products can fully cover the domestic application of modern network, highlighting the function of the invisible market in the port tractor market

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