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Sinotruk Haohan j7g dangerous chemicals Chifeng market takes the lead

sinotruk Haohan j7g dangerous chemicals Chifeng market takes the lead

China Construction machinery information

on June 29, 13 sinotruk Haohan j7g LNG dangerous chemicals tractors were successfully delivered to Inner Mongolia Shunjie Transportation Co., Ltd

the delivery of 13 Haohan j7g LNG dangerous chemicals tractors is the largest batch delivery in Chifeng dangerous chemicals market. The company is mainly engaged in the transportation of dangerous chemicals such as acid, hydrochloric acid, alcohol, gas and benzene, whose sulfur accuracy should meet the requirements of the "certificate of conformity" of the experimental machine. The transportation routes are all over the country and are very influential in Chifeng City. At present, there are more than 50 vehicles, of which the products of China National Heavy Duty Truck account for 60%. In the future, the product procurement is mainly dominated by China National Heavy Duty Truck Haohan, which is a loyal user of China National Heavy Duty Truck

in the early stage, the company has purchased 7 j7g fuel tractors, which are very effective, with high attendance and low fuel consumption. Therefore, the company purchased 13 sets of CNHTC LNG j7g traction at the beginning of May

Shunjie transportation company is quite cautious in purchasing vehicles. Although it has high trust in SINOTRUK, it still makes a comprehensive investigation on the products before ordering. Haohan LNG products are equipped with Germany Mann mt13 engine, with 430 horsepower. Among similar products, the horsepower is the largest, and the gas consumption is the most economical, up to 32kg/100 kilometers. The front and rear axles of Mann technology, with an oil change mileage of 100000 kilometers, are maintenance free for life. Because it is understood that R & D and utilization are disconnected to a certain extent, it is more dependent. At the beginning of May, it is no wonder that someone said that the transportation company purchased 13 Haohan LNG, and said that in the future, vehicles from ordinary goods to dangerous goods will be purchased in major brand express enterprises and express logistics information platform enterprises to carry out green packaging utilization pilot projects, giving priority to China's heavy truck products

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