The hottest sinotruk gold medal user drives sitrak

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Sinotruk gold medal users drive sitrak to create the myth of fuel saving

sinotruk gold medal users drive sitrak to create the myth of fuel saving

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Guide: Guo Yahui in Anhui is a driver of a fleet subordinate to Wuxi Xiashi Transportation Co., Ltd. and runs less than carload transportation between Wuxi and Guangzhou. Although he is young, he is also an experienced old driver, This time, we have the honor to become the first gold medal user officially put into operation since the listing of SINOTRUK

Guo Yahui of Anhui Province is a driver of a fleet subordinate to Wuxi Xiashi Transportation Co., Ltd. he runs less than carload transportation between Wuxi and Guangzhou. Although he is not old, he is also an experienced old driver. This time, he is lucky to become the first "gold medal user" officially put into operation since the listing of SINOTRUK

in the parking lot of Xiashi logistics, I saw master Guo driving a brand-new sitrak and pulling a half car of aluminum partition driving in from a distance. I raised my camera to take photos, and he also waved to me cooperatively. It can be seen that the hard journey did not affect his enthusiasm to try out a new car. "Our boss went to Jinan to see the car last year. At first glance, he felt that the car was good, atmospheric and comfortable." master Guo said while playing with the gear lever while sitting in the driver's seat. "At the first sight of this car, I felt that the cab was spacious, larger than the car I used before, and the foot space was also large, which made it comfortable to drive."

"I've never seen such fuel-efficient in the running in period!"

troubled by many problems such as excessive industrial capacity and rapid growth of new capacity,

the truck that can bring benefits to the enterprise is a good truck. Among them, whether it can save fuel is the first. As the first person to eat crab, master Guo decided to test whether "this crab" is delicious, unstable, easy to operate, simple to protect and so on. "If you want to save fuel, the engine speed should not exceed 1500. It's best. I listened to what your service engineer said when delivering the car. At the beginning, the speed should not be too fast. This time, the running speed is basically controlled at 80 miles."

master Guo's route is from Wuxi to Guangzhou, with a return journey of 3200 kilometers. Therefore, the liability limit will be basically increased throughout the whole process, and the expressway will be comprehensively affirmed according to the purchase contract amount and the liability loss that may be caused by the product, "We don't overload, just pull 367 tons. The first time I added a total of 8000 yuan of oil. It's only 2.5 yuan per kilometer. Now the oil price is 7.19 yuan, and less than 35 oil per hundred kilometers. How can there be such a trip to pick up a new car? I've never seen such a fuel-efficient one in the running in period!" Master Guo said that the car he used to use cost more than 10000 yuan of fuel money to run back and forth. "Why didn't you get out of this car early?" speaking of the past, master Guo would say this from time to time

master Guo's team changed the first batch of cars this time. For comparison, in addition to buying two sitraks, he also bought several trucks from other well-known manufacturers that are also known as domestic medium and high-end brands. He also found several experienced old drivers to drive. He happened to meet one of them who also came to the parking lot to load goods, so I invited him to board sitrak to chat with him. Speaking of fuel consumption, the old driver was embarrassed. "I can't compare with you. I only have more than 5400 yuan of fuel per trip. The second time I ran better, I didn't save as much as you. Are you wrong?" "I calculate it according to the road code table. How can I make a mistake? We run the same route. Don't you know how much the gas is added?"

afterwards, I consulted the team's boss Liu, who said that after the tests of the two cars, they would buy all the cars if they changed the car that worked well. "From the current situation, sitrak is the best choice."

"as long as the number of trips comes up, everything is done!"

speaking of his previous driving experience, master Guo's tone of voice was angry with helplessness, "I'm so angry that I changed the four matching parts after using them for more than a year, and several times in three years. The water channel is not good, and eight of ten cars have this problem". Master Guo calculated an account for us. Now we run to the line from Wuxi to Guangzhou. We can swing it unilaterally and go back and forth for four days. The freight for each trip is about 23000 yuan, the toll is 7500 yuan, and the oil charge is 8000 yuan. Each trip can earn about 7000 yuan. According to the current operation of sitrak, it runs six times a month, "it earns more than 40000 yuan a month, nearly 500000 yuan in 12 months, and it comes back in a year. A good car means that people don't rest.". According to the team boss Liu, containers will be pulled in the second half of the year. In the future, the two sides will swing up to times a month, and the annual mileage can reach 3670000 kilometers

"if we don't overload, we'll catch up. As long as the number of trips comes up, everything is done!" Master Guo said that his previous car can only run more than 40 times a year. Because it always has problems, it has been sold after driving for more than three years. "It has sold less than 110000", "sitrak engine 1.5 million kilometers without overhaul, and bridge and gearbox 1 million kilometers without overhaul. If there is no major problem after running for five or six years, and it can be so fuel-efficient, I won't sell it!" Talking about the future, master Guo's face was filled with a brilliant smile

"when I came to Guangzhou, the people in the parking lot gathered around and asked what kind of car it was, how much it cost, and why it was so expensive. I said, every penny is worth the goods. Many of the key parts of this car are the same as imported cars. They are just assembled in China. You can know it when you drive it. They were too expensive at the beginning, but when you heard that the warranty was so long, it's worth buying sitrak." "At the beginning, the people who bought the car together thought sitrak was expensive and bought another car. Now they are beginning to regret my current operation. I think I should enjoy happiness slowly in the next days."

"it feels like home"

taking the car as home is the portrayal of the life of long-distance transportation drivers. In addition to being a tool for making money, a good car with comfortable driving, convenient operation and high safety is tantamount to giving the driver a mobile home. The German man TGA cab introduced by sitrak in its original version has a large internal space, wide berth, and adopts a row of skeleton structure, which makes it particularly comfortable to sleep. "In the past, the berth was narrow and high, and people who slept could fall down when braking. Now sitrak has no such problem at all", said master Guo. The flat floor design of sitrak cab is the most satisfactory to master Guo. "It's not like that in the past, when you get up from the sleeper, you can't even wear your pants. Now it's much more convenient, just like the feeling of home." In order to save fuel, master Guo usually raises the window glass, "I found that there is basically no noise, and the sound insulation effect is very good."

due to the mandatory installation of dash cam by the vehicle management office, the two lights in the car were in poor contact and failed. In order not to delay the vehicle operation, master ge of Zhenjiang old driver 4S shop specially rushed to the door for maintenance when the vehicle came back for loading. During our chat, the problem was eliminated in time. Speaking of sitrak's "1324t service", master Guo thumbed up and said, "in the future, the company will ask me how the service is, I'll just say two words, OK". I said, sitrak promised a two-year unlimited mileage warranty, so you can open up and run. Master Guo laughed again

night gradually fell, because the driver of the shift change did not come, master Guo can have a good rest at home today, and tomorrow he will drive his sitrak on a new journey. I believe that sitrak will bring him a happy beginning of life

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