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Sinorgchem has reached a new high in the production and marketing of rubber antioxidant in the post crisis era

recently, it was learned from Jiangsu Sinorgchem Shanghai operation center that the company's sales of PPD rubber antioxidant in the first half of the year hit a record high, increased by 15% compared with the same period last year, and achieved sales revenue of more than 1.2 billion yuan

today, the weight, travel, speed and other parameters of the slider are different. In the first half of the year, the international macroeconomic situation is extremely unfavorable to the rubber additive industry. The prices of international crude oil and natural rubber soared, and the domestic rubber tire industry was depressed, which also brought great difficulties to the rubber additive enterprises. Facing the huge cost pressure, caizhengqi, the CEO and chief financial officer of Jiangsu Sinorgchem, who comes from the sustainable planting plant (castor oil seed), said: "we can't transfer the cost pressure to downstream enterprises. Only tapping the potential, innovation, cost reduction and efficiency increase are the way for enterprises to survive."

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