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Sinotruk HOWO T series product appreciation meeting was held in Nanchang

sinotruk HOWO T series product appreciation meeting was held in Nanchang

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on May 28, sinotruk HOWO T series product appreciation meeting was grandly held in Nanchang. More than 400 people, including local logistics associations, heads of logistics enterprises, dealers, service providers, system major customers, end users, etc., attended the tasting and signed orders for 303 sets on site

Fu Jian, assistant general manager of the Sales Department of SINOTRUK, said in his speech that in order to give back to the strong support of customers in Nanchang, sinotruk launched a medium and high-end product, sinotruk T-series products, which is positioned at the upgrading of heavy trucks. This series of products were fully introduced to the market in 2013, matching the German Mann technology engine, Mann single-stage reduction bridge and related assemblies and parts. The design of the whole vehicle focuses on the reliability of the products Economical, safe and environmentally friendly, it is suitable for the transportation of goods on urban, provincial and long-distance trunk lines, as well as various special operation vehicles, and can meet the multi-directional needs of different user groups. More than 16000 sets have been sold in the second anniversary of listing, and the brand image of medium and high-end heavy trucks has been established with a good reputation. In the first quarter of 2015 alone, more than 6000 orders have been achieved. Sinotruk is confident and determined to build howo-t series products into a new generation of heavy truck leaders with high-quality products and considerate services, create greater value for users and make greater contributions to local economic construction

this event received strong support from local logistics associations and chambers of Commerce. Gao Xuemin, Secretary General of Jiangxi Nanchang logistics and supply chain association, and Wang Chuanyong, Secretary General of Jiangxi Shandong Chamber of Commerce, attended the event. Gao Xuemin spoke highly of SINOTRUK Mann's technical products. She analyzed the current development situation of the logistics industry and emphasized the importance of logistics vehicles. She pointed out that the relevant policies issued by governments at all levels have created a good external environment for the development of the logistics industry, and the logistics industry is facing major development opportunities, but the uneven quality of logistics vehicles and the uneven operation efficiency have become important obstacles to the further development of China's logistics industry. Howman technology T series new products launched by sinotruk in a timely manner, with the scientific and technological connotation of imported heavy trucks and the reliable quality of domestic heavy truck users, are at the domestic leading level in terms of vehicle power, economy, reliability, safety, comfort, etc., meet the development needs of the logistics industry, and have a very good market development prospect in Nanchang. Sinotruk has a nationwide reliability marketing network and accessories model, and a professional and thoughtful "family" service system, which can be used in vehicle repair, maintenance and use. What if there was no transformation and no research and development of new cables at that time? Ask customers to bring more value-added profit returns, which can enable users to truly realize worry free operation and service

at this tasting meeting, Wang Fengyan, general manager of Xiajiang Yujie Logistics Transportation Co., Ltd., ordered 16 t7H at one time. He told everyone that the six t7H previously purchased had a particularly good operation performance and were better than other brand vehicles in terms of power, reliability, economy, safety and comfort. As long as the driver who had driven T7 was not praising, the after-sales service of China heavy truck was proactive, timely and Professional and up to standard, so their company takes this opportunity to enter another 16 sets when using and designing the ecological plastic packaging materials, and has determined the technical products of SINOTRUK Mann as the preferred products for updating vehicles in the future. Wang Fengyan bluntly said, "what we need is such a car!"

in the award-winning interactive Q & a session, the guests actively participated and continued to be full. Since the products of heavy truck Manman have a certain influence in the local area, the 12 questions related to the technical products of heavy truck Manman are not difficult for the 12 users who have obtained the right to answer. The B10 life of mc11 engine of SINOTRUK man technology is "1.5 million kilometers"; The oil change interval mileage is "80000 km"; The maximum rated power of mc13 engine of SINOTRUK man technology is "540 HP"; SINOTRUK howo-t7h can bring you the safest and most comfortable driving experience, because it meets the most stringent "Swedish regulations" in the world; The maintenance cycle of the wheel hub of mcy13 drive axle of SINOTRUK man technology is "life-long maintenance free"...

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on the large outdoor parking lot of the logistics park, 12 tall and powerful T-series products were lined up in a neat appearance, with a luxurious lineup and strong momentum, which attracted the strong attention of the attending guests, staff and users in the logistics park. They went to the vehicles they cared about, or studied and examined them carefully around the vehicles, Or enter the cab to feel the comfort of the vehicle, or take a group photo with the vehicle until the host announces that the truck Drift performance will begin immediately

drift performance is a regular program of the China Heavy Duty Truck Man technology T-series product appreciation meeting, which dynamically shows the unusual superior performance of the vehicle. The T-series products of SINOTRUK, which are proficient in design and focus on quality, interpret the essence of man technology, and the heavy truck Drift makes the product performance perfectly presented

this tasting also awarded "carbon fiber or alumina fiber reinforced magnesium or magnesium alloy matrix composites can be used to manufacture turbine fan blades. The strategic partners of the 'five one projects' of the Sales Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group" - Jiangxi China Coal Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Copper Group Logistics Co., Ltd; Issued certificates to "customer opinion leaders of the 'five one projects' of the Sales Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group" -- Wang Jianguo, Xiang Yun, Liu Xiaoyun, Xie Fang, Fang Changzhong, Shi Junfei, Wu Zhimin, Tang ronghua, Li Dong, Qin Wenhua

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