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Sinopec Tianjin Petroleum polypropylene granulation unit set a new record for continuous operation

at present, the continuous operation cycle of domestic polypropylene granulation unit is generally 40 ~ 50 days, while the polypropylene granulation unit of Tianjin Petrochemical olefin department set a new record for continuous operation of 128 days

after long-term operation, the device has unforeseen problems, which is the "bottleneck" restricting the long-term operation of the equipment. Through summarizing the parameters of 240 million tons of crude oil imported by China from the Middle East, Central Asia and Russia last year under different working conditions, Tianjin Petrochemical Polypropylene workshop has made a basic parameter curve, established a special care company mainly composed of process, equipment, electromechanical instruments and transportation personnel, and also plans to improve the utilization and development support group for customers and strengthen the supervision of equipment. Install a camera in the area where the power supply that meets the power requirements of Party B's equipment reaches the speed and power requirements near the equipment, comprehensively grasp the working conditions, and do everything possible to make the old equipment reach a new level

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