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Sinotruk high-end heavy truck sitrak has been tested and won trust

sinotruk high-end heavy truck sitrak has been tested and won trust

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Guide: time flies, time flies, and the busy 2013 is about to pass. Looking back many years later, due to the launch of sitrak, it is certain to write a strong color and ink in China's heavy truck industry in 2013. Sitrak, also known as shandeka, is a high-end truck product jointly created by China National Heavy Truck Corporation and German Mann company

time flies, and the tense and busy 2013 is about to pass. Looking back many years later, due to the launch of sitrak, it is certain to write a strong color and ink in China's heavy truck industry in 2013

sitrak, also known as shandeka, is a high-end truck brand jointly created by China National Heavy Truck Corporation and German Mann company, which is registered in dozens of countries and regions in China and the world. With the birth of sitrak products, a new definition of the product quality of high-end trucks has been made: first, high comfort. The comfort of the cab and internal noise control are significantly better than other brands of trucks, close to or up to the current European models. Second, high reliability. The quality of the whole vehicle, especially in the quality control of details and the selection of parts, should ensure a high attendance rate of the vehicle, and the monthly mileage should not be less than 30000 kilometers. Third, high safety. It should comply with European standards and be able to meet the regulatory certification requirements of Europe or regions with equivalent standards, and pass the reliability and performance tests of German Mann company in Germany. Fourth, low fuel consumption, which should be close to or equal to that of similar European models

as a high-end heavy truck production base under China National Heavy Truck Corporation, Jinan commercial vehicle company has successfully launched the most commercially innovative global high-end joint venture independent commercial vehicle brand sitrak. According to China's national conditions, it solemnly promises to provide a three guarantee policy in line with China's national conditions: a two-year three guarantee period without mileage, clearly defined as two years and driving mileage of more than 600000 kilometers. For users who cannot reach or exceed 600000 kilometers in two years due to their own transportation characteristics, they can choose the three guarantee policy of 450000 kilometers in three years. In particular, all parts and components of the three major assemblies of engine, gearbox and drive axle belong to the scope of three guarantees. The launch of sitrak products, with its high-end and international advanced quality and services that exceed customers' expectations, quickly set off a fierce sitrak storm among domestic users, leading the future development direction of China's heavy truck industry

forge a sword in three years to usher in a new era of heavy trucks in China

the important task is on our shoulders and we are committed to doing it. Sinotruk delivered a product like sitrak to Jinan commercial vehicle company. Standing at the new starting point of the cooperation between sinotruk and German man, Jinan commercial vehicle company has gathered momentum and made great efforts to meet the alternative needs of domestic users for imported heavy trucks, starting a new journey of research, development and production of high-end heavy trucks in China

since 2010, sinotruk has sent 12 batches of 220 person time learning teams to German man company, and invited man company to set up a resident expert team and 20 batches of technical and quality management teams in Jinan for technical support. Truly digest and absorb the world's top vehicle technology of German man, and rely on their in-depth understanding of the domestic high-end heavy truck market business philosophy, achieve targeted improvement and innovation, and strive to build a national high-end heavy truck brand

in the project construction stage, Jinan commercial vehicle company has witnessed the perfect combination of planning, planning and implementation with facts. It has completed the construction of fully intelligent automatic cab stamping line, welding line, general assembly line, interior trim line man technology transformation and other projects with high standards and high quality. The production equipment has reached the international advanced and domestic leading level, laying a solid foundation for building a high-end heavy truck manufacturing enterprise

in the process of vehicle trial production, Jinan commercial vehicle company put ensuring the quality and reliability of sitrak products in a prominent position, adhered to a rigorous and serious work style, and fully implemented stringent European standards in terms of inspection, evaluation, testing, etc. 17 sample vehicles have been put into reliability tests with a total mileage of 2million kilometers, and 2890 quality problems have been found and solved according to the user's standards. Gold comes after a thousand trials. On November 22, 2012, the sitrak prototype of Jinan commercial vehicle company passed the review of the sitrak product audit team of man company at one stroke, which fully met the quality standard and could be mass produced

the "man" of Xiongguan is as true as iron, and now we are stepping over from the beginning. On January 17, 2013, sitrak finished vehicle was assembled in Jinan commercial vehicle company to see whether it has been visited and rolled off the line, marking that China heavy truck high-end heavy truck has reached the international advanced level, taking a key step to lead China heavy truck into the international advanced level, which is a milestone in China's heavy truck industry

galloping through the mountains and rivers, riding a horse for millions of miles

it still needs to be hard to forge iron. High end heavy trucks must be guaranteed by high quality and high reliability. Looking back on the development process in the past three years, Jinan commercial vehicle company is the end of its unremitting pursuit of quality and excellence. It talks about how to deal with the relationship between the market and the government in terms of strategic minerals. Jinan commercial vehicle company has solidly implemented the core values of "reliability and innovation" into every link of the manufacturing process. With brand building as the center, improving market competitiveness as the center, and improving customer satisfaction as the center, it has comprehensively built an advanced quality management system with man pedigree, which is the absolute guarantee of the excellent quality of sitrak high-end products that can shake the world and benefit the whole society

sitrak products are of complete European descent. Using the current international mainstream TG vehicle technology and matching the man technology engine, axle and related assemblies, the engine can achieve 1.5 million kilometers without overhaul, and the oil change cycle can reach 100000 kilometers. All important supporting parts are provided by top international suppliers, including ZF gearbox, WABCO braking system, SKF bearings, VDO instrument panel, bell intercooler, Voss, manhumore, etc. all key bolts adopt Dacromet process. It can be said that every assembly and component of sitrak products represent the high-end technology level of the current heavy truck industry, and truly reach the international high-end heavy truck quality

after the successful trial production of the sample vehicle, Jinan commercial vehicle company is not in a hurry to improve its production capacity, but focuses on ensuring the stability of product quality and the pace of the production line, strictly following the production process of new products, Solidly Promoting the mass production work with quality as the key dimension, strengthening quality supervision and control, and ensuring the realization of mass production capacity and service support capacity. After three months of production rationalization and solidification, sitrak achieved mass sales in April 2013, and the quality level of the whole vehicle has made significant progress compared with the initial stage of trial production. The score of man experts on the quality evaluation of sitrak's whole vehicle has increased from 8.1 in the initial stage to 6, although frankly speaking, China's economy is full of challenges 6 points. The vehicles introduced to the market quickly received positive and positive comments from users and dealers

tracking and verification of after-sales vehicles is an indispensable part of sitrak vehicle quality control system. On October 11, 2013, the man review team reviewed the first batch of five sitrak vehicles that have been put into operation and have driven 10000 kilometers respectively. After a comprehensive and careful inspection and road test of the vehicles, the review team agreed that the vehicles operate smoothly, there is no parking fault, and the overall condition is good, which fully meets the user's use requirements

work hard to prepare for marketing services, and wait for success.

everything is done in advance, and nothing is done before it is done. At the same time of sitrak trial production, Jinan commercial vehicle company began to carry out market publicity and marketing network construction planning. In the trial production stage of sitrak, 41 batches of nearly 300 distribution and modification enterprises, targets and leading customers were invited to carry out the "driving · enjoying" sitrak high-end product experience activity, personally experiencing the top driving sense and excellent performance of sitrak, and accumulating rich popularity for the sales and promotion of products

actively build sitrak's exclusive marketing network. At the initial stage of network construction and development, we should fully learn from the advanced marketing concepts of foreign high-end heavy trucks, adhere to the policy of "clarifying regional division, authorizing exclusive operation, tightening market order, and implementing brand franchise", and take the local influence, financial strength, customer base, service, and accessory support ability of enterprises as the inspection indicators. After multiple rounds of selection and screening, we can choose from imported heavy truck dealers Among the existing marketing networks and new partners, excellent dealers have been selected as agents, and 26 sitrak marketing networks have been developed, which has effectively promoted the introduction of sitrak products in the initial market

high quality and efficient after-sales service is an important guarantee for sitrak to stand in the forest of high-end heavy trucks. Jinan commercial vehicle company further improved the service mode, established a service team composed of professional vehicle application engineers and service engineers on the basis of "family" service, implemented the "1324t" project, and clarified the specific objectives and requirements of after-sales service in terms of vehicle delivery, first maintenance, return visit and maintenance: establish a "one-to-one" service relationship with users; Carry out three home visits and provide free maintenance services when the vehicle runs to 5000 km, 15000 km and 30000 km; The after-sales fault of the vehicle shall be repaired within 24 hours. If it is not repaired within the time limit, a replacement vehicle shall be provided. The top German quality of trouble free operation, combined with the service parts network all over the country, ensures that sitrak meets the needs of all-round service in the domestic market, and effectively helps users obtain the maximum benefits in the long-term use of vehicles

no pains, no gains. After the launch of sitrak high-end heavy trucks, they were quickly sold in 21 regions such as Jiangsu, Yunnan, Fujian, Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, Shandong, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Zhejiang, Liaoning and Shanghai. Breakthroughs were made in the development of the Taiwan market, and 33 sensational sitrak delivery instruments and new car appreciation meetings were like sparks of vitality. Quality wins trust and service achieves excellence. Master Chen Baoxiang, a 60 year old driver of Hebei Luneng Logistics Co., Ltd., said excitedly after driving sitrak: I've driven all my life. I'm very satisfied to drive such a good car in the last few years of my driving career. After purchasing the first sitrak tractor, Kunming hengpeng Transportation Co., Ltd. added an order of 10 vehicles without hesitation after three months of formal operation. After Wuxi Xiashi Transportation Co., Ltd. purchased a sitrak, it increased the order of 9 sets...

looking forward to the future, we will pay more attention to the cultivation of internal skills, keep improving, and provide users with more reliable, more economical, safer and more comfortable trucks. It is believed that in the near future, sitrak will become the most dazzling star in China's heavy truck market by virtue of its scientific and technological connotation comparable to imported heavy trucks, its market insight highly fitting the quality needs of domestic heavy truck users, and its comprehensive advantages far beyond other domestic heavy trucks

excellent service is the cornerstone of the brand. Friendly reminder

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